“They’re not behind you”- Fidelity ADT explains how hijackers are following you home

There has been a surge in hijackings over the past year, with over 53,000 hijacking victims in the country during the reported period from April 2016 to March 2017.

This is according to StatsSA’s victims of crime survey, which found with the exception of thefts out of a motor vehicle, hijacking, sexual offence and consumer fraud, crime in the country had decreased year on year.

Speaking to BusinessTech, Fidelity ADT said it has not seen a significant increase in the number of hijackings or house robberies.

However it indicated that it could only comment on incidents in its immediate footprint related to and reported by Fidelity ADT customers.

“The trend has been a slight increase over the past few years, but not significantly so.”

Follow-home crimes

Despite no noticeable increase in hijacking activity, according to Fidelity ADT both follow-home crimes and incidences of remote jamming have increased over the past few years.

The security company noted that criminals are now not only targeting crowded parking lots but also residential streets.

“Criminals are becoming more sophisticated and technologically savvy, which is enabling them to commit existing crimes in new ways,” said Fidelity ADT .

“Regularly check in your rear view mirror and around you if stopped at a stop street or traffic light for any suspicious vehicles. Remember there could be more people involved than just the ones following you.

“Technology has made it possible for multiple people to communicate and talk about your moves.”

This means that the criminals that eventually end up hijacking you may not necessarily be the ones following you home, explained the security company.

Fidelity ADT explained that hijackers may stop and then be replaced by an accomplice. “They will probably drive past you a few times, then change lanes and fall back again when you least expect it.”

The “golden rule”

The golden rule is not to antagonize the hijackers or carjackers who are probably more scared than you are, said Fidelity ADT.

“You need to show them you are not a threat – lift up your arms to show you have no weapon and will surrender, and use your left arm to undo your seatbelt and put your car in neutral.”

“Do not turn off your car and get out slowly. Try and angle your body sideways so you are not facing a firearm head on.

“Also remember to protect your head with your arms and avoid direct eye contact with the hijackers but try to take in as much information as possible, such as what they are wearing, and the sound of their voices,” the security firm said.

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“They’re not behind you”- Fidelity ADT explains how hijackers are following you home