These are the best-rated hospital plans in South Africa

The GTC 2018 Medical Aid Survey (MAS), published earlier this week, has identified 11 hospital plans as being ‘the best value for money’ in South Africa.

The 11 plans come from 8 different schemes, out of a total of 21 open plan schemes that have 72 medical aid plans serving some nine million South Africans.

GTC, formerly Grant Thornton Capital and a diversified financial services company, analysed and rated medical aid schemes according to a standardised comparison, and ranked the choices available to members.

The full range of plans have been graded according to GTC’s ‘likelihood of support’ each plan type will receive and offers a simplified method of comparing options and cost for members.

GTC noted in addition to factoring in complaints received from members on social media sites such as– as an indication of members’ satisfaction with their medical aids – the 2018 macro grading also took into account the compliments that schemes received, as well as the Hello Peter Index.

A full, detailed breakdown of GTC’s rankings can be found here.

GTC Healthcare broker Jill Larkan identified the following 11 ‘hospital – all’ plans with a high likelihood of support:

The survey also identified the following 12 hospital plans for single members:

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These are the best-rated hospital plans in South Africa