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Vodacom has bold fibre-to-the-home plans starting with new uncapped prices

Vodacom has bold fibre-to-the-home plans starting with new uncapped prices

Vodacom has launched uncapped price plans on the third party infrastructure networks where it sells fibre broadband services as an Internet Service Provider.

The JSE-listed mobile operator said it has also signed wholesale agreements with an additional two third-party network infrastructure providers – SADV and Metrofibre Networx.

In September, Vodacom said that it had signed lease agreements with Fibrehoods, Openserve, Century City Connect, Vumatel and Dark Fibre Africa to deliver Vodacom Fibre products.

Through these providers Vodacom customers have access to Vodacom Fibre Broadband, Vodacom Fibre Fixed Voice and Value Added Services, it said.

Third party network infrastructure partnerships give Vodacom access to pre-deployed FTTH (Fibre-To-The-Home) networks inclusive of access build and active equipment which rapidly increases time to market.

Louisa van Beek, managing executive for FTTX (Fibre-To-The-X) at Vodacom, said: “We are making good progress on our own fibre deployment and by entering into strategic wholesale agreements to sell services through other network providers, we have additional access to over 175,000 end points.”

Vodacom said its growth strategy remains to pass one million broadband fibre end-points within the next four years.

The group said it currently passes over 31,000 homes and businesses with its own fibre infrastructure.  The company confirmed at its recent interim results that it is exploring new ways to expand in the fibre space and will invite partners to enter into co-build agreements.

MyBroadband published Vodacom’s uncapped price plans, which can be found here.

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  • CypherGate

    Endless fibre to home articles and yet the progress they making is so small. Ill probably get fibre in the next 10 years time in my area.

    • Danny Baromen

      At the rate fiber is expanding in SA… the next big thing will leapfrog it before it gets much farther…

  • Znh

    Where “bold” means that they have effectively become another ISP on the list. Sorry but Vodacon to be considered bold would mean they are launching their own installs in areas not covered by other providers and will effectively be competing with Openserve. Fail Fail Fail VodaFail

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