FNB mobile launch details, prices revealed

 ·4 Jun 2015
FNB Connect

FNB is set to launch its own mobile operator under its FNB Connect brand, which will offer subscribers great value for money through its eBucks rewards programme.

According to the eBucks website, FNB clients will earn up to 40% back in eBucks on their qualifying FNB Connect contract or when they load FNB Connect prepaid airtime from 15 June 2015.

Currently FNB offers ADSL and 3G data rewards through its FNB Connect offering, which will now be expanded to include mobile voice and data products.

The bank is already established in the telecommunications space with over 2 million customers topping up with airtime and bundles monthly and over 285,000 discounted smart devices sold since 2011.

FNB as a network on smartphones

FNB as a network on smartphones

“Mobility and banking innovation are now synonymous in the minds of FNB customers, we are excited to launch a South African first for banking via FNB Connect as the next step in our digital evolution,” said Jacques Celliers, CEO of FNB.

SIM cards will be sold separately from devices and customers will be able to choose from a range of mobile voice and data products.

FNB will also be the first to market with a prepaid Auto Top-Up recharge feature where customers will be topped up automatically when their airtime balance drops below R5.

Customers will also have the benefit of qualifying to earn up to 40% back in eBucks on any FNB Connect mobile offering from 1 July this year.

Information received by MyBroadband about the new FNB mobile service suggests it will use the Cell C network. This was not confirmed by FNB.

According to information received by MyBroadband, FNB will offer Prepaid, Top Up, Contract, and Flexi packages.

The official pricing released by FNB is as follows:

FNB Top-up

FNB Connect Top Up Voice Data SMS Price
Connect Top Up 30 30 30MB 30 R30
Connect Top Up 50 50 50MB 50 R50
Connect Top Up 100 100 100MB 100 R100
FNB Connect Top Up Voice Data SMS Price
Connect 200 200 200MB 200 R200
Connect 500 500 500MB 500 R500
Connect 1000 1000 1000MB 1000 R1,000

FNB Data contracts

FNB Connect Data Contract Data Nite Data Price
Connect 500MB 500MB 0MB R35
Connect 1GB 1024MB 1024MB R65
Connect 2GB 2048MB 2048MB R95
Connect 5GB 5120MB 5120MB R245

Out-of-bundle Prices

FNB Connect out of bundle prices Pre-paid Contract, Top Up, Flexi Data Contract
Voice (per minute) R0.95 R1.50 R2.50
Data (per MB) R2.00 R1.00 R1.00
SMS (per message) R0.50 R0.50 R0.50

Bundles: Pre-paid, top-up, and contract

FNB Connect bundles
Voice bundles Data bundles SMS bundles
Size Price Size Price Size Price
50 min R35 50MB R15 50 R20
100 min R70 100MB R28 100 R35
200 min R140 300MB R75 150 R45
500 min R350 500MB R95 250 R65
1000 min R700 1GB R145 400 R85
2GB R245 600 R115
Voice bundles are not available to pre-paid subscribers. SMS and data bundles are available to all plans.

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