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Beware: E-toll fees are going up in March

Beware: E-toll fees are going up in March

Fees for the much maligned e-toll system in Gauteng, are set rise by almost 5% from 1 March, 2016.

This is according to the Automobile Association (AA) pointing to an announcement of the increases contained in a Government Gazette (#39695) issued on Tuesday, 15 February.

“We are making motorists aware of these increases as the information does not appear on Sanral’s e-toll website, nor are we aware of any Sanral customers being directly informed thereof,” the association said.

“No mention of any adjustments to the capped limit for tagged users is made in the Government Gazette,” it said.

These increases to the toll rates come barely six months after the tariffs were reduced as a result of a public outcry, and discounts of up to 60% were offered on outstanding balances before September 2015.

“This announcement is the latest move by Sanral, which appears to be intensifying its efforts to secure more payments for the tolling system,” the AA said.

It called on Sanral to be more upfront with its information, “and to try and win over support, rather than relying on other organisations such as ourselves to inform the media and the public”.

Here are the new prices as published in the Gazette.

New prices march 2016

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  • Zilla

    once e-tolls are dead and buried, who am I going to hate? – I guess I’ll have no option but to revert to hating my boss?

    • Jacques

      No ways! What about zuma? he is unfortunately still alive!

  • Treezle

    And the amount they have collected from me continues to be 0%, increasing to… 0%. How many f***s do I give about e-tolls? You guessed it! ZERO

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    Who cares, It will only affect those who let themselves be intimidated by the corrupt regime. They actually have to thank all those who are refusing to pay as without the resistance the system would be in it’s third year and fees would have been at least 25% higher than the original fees. I hope this will encourage more motorists to de-register and join the protest.

  • Vesta12

    My increase is 0%….. My payment has been 0%, I plan on keeping it like that.

  • norman cummins

    By Sanrals’ own admission the 184kms of the GFIP has reached its’ capacity so what is the increase for? We’re not getting anywhere any quicker since the the gantries were switched on and an extra 5% is not going to make any difference. Maybe they think that the extra 5% from companies, hire car firms and government departments will be enough to see them over for an extra few months.

  • norman cummins

    Hey this means we’re saving even more money by not paying.
    Isn’t this typical though. Cyril announces a 60% discount which nobody was interested in so now they are going to penalise those who are stupid enough to pay by raising the price by 5%. After all if you “ain’t paying” they could put on 100% and it would be completely painless. Does this mean that the reduced cap starts to go back up as well?
    I suppose you can understand Sanral wanting to put fees up because they are not collecting what they expected but what about those sections of the N3 for instance that are tolled and have been paid for over and over again. The tolls must have gone up tenfold since they started and what do you get for this inflated toll fee? The only time I see roadworks on that road is just before the holiday seasons when there’s three times as much traffic on the road and they route everybody into one lane. Wait a minute though because those cars with e-tags can still save time by using the “Shesha” lane at the toll booths and knock a whole 5 minutes off your 6 hour journey.

  • Skoppienaai Sewinduit

    Not to worry, R0.00 X 1.05 = R0.00

    • MasterZu

      Brilliant response……people must just continue not paying. E-Tolls will Fall

  • Ouboet

    Lol. It’s cute how they still keep trying to make e-tollies work.

    • Jacques

      I guess it is because their real tollies are long past expiry date!

  • Jacques

    Looks like I am going to save even more!

  • To those actually paying, just sigh in relief that the increase is less than the present rate of inflation. “Cheer up!” they said, “Things could be worse!” So I cheered up, and sure enough things got worse…

  • Mucaine

    Doesn’t affect me. not paying zip

  • straight8

    Please ANC, get rid of this thing. It is stifling the economy and turns hair gray.

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