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Drunk drivers could soon face the same prison time as rapists and murderers

Drunk drivers could soon face the same prison time as rapists and murderers

The transport ministry is looking at reclassifying drunk driving to be as serious a crime as rape, murder or attempted murder.

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters told reporters in Midrand on Tuesday, during the release of the 2016/17 festive season road fatality statistics, that they were looking at changing the crime from a Schedule 3 to a Schedule 5 offence.

This formed part of its proposed interventions following the 1 714 death recorded over the period.

Those convicted under a Schedule 5 offence face a recommended minimum sentence of 15 years in jail. Schedule 5 offences include murder, attempted murder, treason, rape, corruption, extortion and fraud.

Premeditated murder is a Schedule 6 offence.


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  • Danie

    That is great news. If you need to have an alcoholic or two or three or… beverage call a friend or uber or other taxi service. Alcohol (especially excessive amounts) impairs your judgement.

    • Sennen Goroshi

      when they can’t even reign their corrupt traffic officials? this only means higher bribes for them, that’s all.

    • Charl van der Merwe

      Exactly, Excessive amounts, the limit is so low you can blow positive on one drink. So you want to send some one to prison for 15 years for having one drink ?

      Get a godamn clue.

      • Danie

        Yes for sure. Taxi etc. is available to take you home. Trouble is one drink is too excessive for some people. Rather not drink and drive at all. Especially if you don’t want to take the responsibility for whatever happens afterwards. This law will just force you to take responsibility for the result of you actions.

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    Another totally stupid comment from the totally useless minister Peters. The prisons are already filled to capacity and bribery would reach epic proportions as officers could now extort even larger amounts of money from drunk motorists. Since the punishment is similar to murder you will also have officers being killed by motorists who don’t want to be arrested. The problem in SA is enforcement of existing laws. Road blocks are pointkess and only used in banana republics. What you need is officers on the road pulling off drivers that are wreckless or negligent, and many times they will be the ones thatvare drunk or have no license.

  • Nicolaas Geldenhuys

    Maybe if SA had a functioning public transport system then there would not be so many drunk drivers!

    • Quinton Carroll

      Maybe if South Africans stopped drinking and driving, there wouldn’t be so many drunk drivers! It’s got nothing to do with public transport. If you drink, you shouldn’t drive. Nothing simpler than that.

      • ChrisB

        you are correct but I agree with Nicolaas! If there was proper public transport DRUNK people would use it rather than driving. I know I would. But since the ain’t any we tend to not want to leave our car and drive! Sad I know. But it’s reality!

      • Nicolaas Geldenhuys

        It DOES have at least something to do with public transport, especially in the cities.

        • Madimetsha

          lots of Uber, Taxify etc

  • AgentMulders

    More useless comments from a useless minister trying to look like she’s doing something. If you want to reduce road deaths get the f**king pedestrians off the roads. 60% of our road fatalities are pedestrians, mostly drunk.

  • But did you die?

  • ChrisB

    So out of all the deaths during this period, how many are Drunk driving related? Most are taxis who were just driving recklessly.

  • Thinus

    Good this might be the quickest way to get half of parliament in jail within the first year & the rest there after…

  • Fanandala

    I agree. drinking and driving must be classified as a crime.

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