These are the used bakkies you can buy for under R280,000

So, you’re shopping for a bakkie but can’t quite stretch to the rapidly rising prices of the numerous options on the new market. What does a budget of less than R300,000 buy you in the used market?

AutoTrader has identified the most commonly listed used bakkies that fall below the theoretical price cap, thanks to its variant-level data covering the first eight months of 2021.

“Over a seven-year initial process, we captured and cleaned more than four million pieces of metadata to create the only used car database in South Africa that allows car buyers to search right down to variant and equipment level accurately.

“This degree of detail, which primarily was designed to provide car shoppers with the best in class search, also allows us to form a more accurate view of what’s going on in subsections of the market in terms of average pricing and mileage,” said AutoTrader CEO George Mienie.

Single-cab options

Suppose you’re looking for a single-cab, half-tonne bakkie. In that case, the Nissan NP200 is the most logical choice since it’s the only model in the segment still available on the new market (where all derivatives are priced below R300,000) and is thus well represented in the used sector.

The 1.6i petrol variant with air-conditioning and the safety pack has an average list price of around R175,000. However, opting for the diesel-powered 1.5dCi – also featuring the safety pack – will, on average, cost you a little less (bear in mind its average mileage is higher and average registration year further in the past).

The Toyota Hilux 2.4GD, meanwhile, is a solid choice for those seeking a single-cab, one-tonne workhorse, with its average mileage coming in at 93,184 km and its average registration year sitting at 2018, AutoTrader noted.

Double-cab options

In recent years, the double cab has begun to outsell the single cab, with many choosing to use the double variant as both a work utility vehicle and family transporter when needed.

The table of most-listed dual-cab variants intriguingly includes just a single Hilux derivative despite this nameplate’s dominance on the new market, suggesting these tend to retain their value relatively well – with many examples still priced well above R300,000, AutoTrader noted.

The 3.0D-4D Raider contains an average list price of R232,396, though its average mileage and registration year are the most extreme on the list at 201,889 km and 2010, respectively.

That leaves two main options: the Ford Ranger and Isuzu KB (D-Max). The diesel-powered Ranger is commonly offered with either a 2.2TDCi four-cylinder mill or a 3.2TDCi five-cylinder unit, with average list prices ranging between R250,000 and R280,000, depending on the trim level, AutoTrader said.

KB variants of this vintage are likewise available with the choice of two oil-burning engines (displacing either 2.5 or 3.0 litres), with average list prices spanning the R230,000 to R270,000 range.

“While R300,000 no longer buys you much on the new-bakkie market, there are abundant options in the used sphere at this price point and below. Shop wisely, and you can pick up an example capable of offering you many years of service,” said Mienie.

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These are the used bakkies you can buy for under R280,000