Uber launching electric delivery fleet in South Africa 

 ·8 Nov 2023

Uber is launching an electric-vehicle-only delivery service in South Africa.

Uber Package – A.K.A Uber Connect – allows users to order same-day pickup and delivery of a package in an area.

The electric vehicles for Uber Package will be first made available in Cape Town, Uber said.

The new delivery scooters will use swappable batteries and will not need to be plugged in to get a charge.

Source: Uber

The group said that the product’s launch is crucial in achieving its global target of becoming a zero-emission platform by 2040.

During its 10-year anniversary celebration in South Africa, Uber also announced Uber Store Pick-Ups, allowing a delivery person to collect any prepaid items from any store.

It also announced that Uber Van is expanding to Cape Town, whilst Uber Black will launch in Durban. There is also a Reserve Airport Pickup for UberX, Uber Comfort, and Uber XL rides. 

In addition, Uber Eats is launching Uber Live, which allows customers to receive their orders no matter where they are, whether it’s at a sports stadium, concert venue or music festival.

“We are committed to creating opportunities for consumers through technology. We are excited about the launch of Uber Live as we are able to take the food shopping experience to the next level for attendees at large events such as festivals, concerts or sporting celebrations, eliminating endless queues to allow our users to enjoy the event to the fullest.,” said Nakampe Molewa, General Manager, Uber Eats Sub-Saharan Africa.

Since its launch in South Africa in 2023, Uber now services over 80% of the urban population in close to 30 cities across the country.

Kagiso Khaole, General Manager, Uber Sub-Saharan Africa, added that the group has also provided independent earning opportunities to over 20,000 earners.

“That is why Uber is reinforcing its commitment to contribute to seamless mobility and delivery by innovating new ways to help both riders and drivers move smoothly, hassle-free and feel safe on every trip,” Khaole added.

The group also included some interesting facts about its South African riders, drivers and eaters:

  • The most kilometres travelled by a single rider is 813.35km
  • The most popular drop-off destination is OR Tambo International Airport
  • The most popular time to request a ride is at 2PM
  • The biggest tipper award goes to a rider who tipped R8,816
  • Some of the items which people lose the most include keys and phones
  • The top 3 nationalities with the highest number of trips in South Africa are travellers from America, the UK and Germany
  • The most popular day to travel is Friday 
  • We’ve completed over 2300 trips to the moon and back 
  • We’ve moved as many people as it takes to fill up Soccer City stadium over 78 times

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