How much it costs to renew your car licence in South Africa in 2024

 ·30 Jan 2024

BusinessTech looked at the cost of renewing a vehicle licence in South Africa’s three main economic hubs – Gauteng, Western Cape, and Kwa-Zulu Natal – in 2024.

The renewal fees vary slightly across provinces and depend on the type of car and its unladen weight (tare). 

In South Africa, motorists are given a 21-day grace period to renew an expired motor vehicle licence.

The grace period for renewing your licence disc is calculated from its expiry date. If you renew your licence after this grace period, a late renewal penalty will be applied. 

The penalty fee is calculated at 10% of the annual licensing fee for every month that the licence remains lapsed.

For example, if your vehicle weighs between 750kg and 1,000kg and you are based in Gauteng, your annual licensing fee will be R384. If you fail to renew your license, you will incur a penalty of R38.40 per month.

When it comes to renewal fees, the Western Cape is the cheapest among the three provinces. The average cost for a hatchback is R336, while heavy SUVs like a Toyota Land Cruiser cost R1,284.

This is R48 and R324 cheaper than Gauteng, and R120 or R414 cheaper than in KZN. KZN is the most expensive province out of the three for all types of vehicles.

The table below shows the car licence renewal fees for passenger vehicles in the three provinces, depending on the relevant weight of the car.

TareNot exceedingGautengW CapeKZN
2000kg2250kgR1 116R1 056R1 134
2250kg2500kgR1 344R1 236R1 350
2500kg2750kgR1 512R1 386R1 566
2750kg3000kgR1 716R1 398R1 764

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