9 bakkies and SUVs you can buy for under R500,000 in South Africa right now

 ·25 Feb 2024

Four-wheel drive vehicles are highly sought after in South Africa, and the versatility of these vehicles is available from at least R310,000.

These vehicles are also considered safer, providing better traction on and off the road, especially in challenging conditions.

The strong sales of bakkies and SUVs in January 2024 indicate the admiration for these cars, with the Toyota Hilux being the most popular off-roader.

According to Naamsa, the Toyota Hilux sold 2,645 units in January 2024, contributing to Toyota’s total sales of 10,855 last month.

The popularity of 4×4 vehicles among South Africans is not surprising, given the vast farms, coastlines, and outdoor activities that South Africa’s landscape provides.

Owning a car that can take on rugged terrain can seem expensive, especially if you need the latest bakkies and SUVs with the newest 4×4 technology.

For instance, the Toyota Fortuner 2.4GD-6 4×4 costs nearly R733,100, while Toyota’s top SUV, the Land Cruiser 300, is priced at over R1.4 million.

However, there’s good news: spending that much money is unnecessary.

Several affordable vehicles that offer four-wheel drive are available in the market, enabling their owners to explore off-the-beaten paths without breaking the bank.

These include GWM, JAC, Mahindra, Renault, and fan-favourite Suzuki.

GWM offers a double cab, while Mahindra provides a single and double-cab bakkie. The most affordable option between the two brands costs R307,499. JAC has a double cab, the utilitarian T6, priced at R419,900.

Renault offers the frugal Duster in four-wheel drive specs for R465,999. Suzuki has the Jimny available in three-door and five-door styles starting from R429,900.

The nine 4×4 vehicles you can buy in South Africa under R500,000 are listed below, ranked by their starting prices.

Mahindra Pik Up Single Cab

  • Starting price: R310,699
  • Fuel consumption: 7.9l/100km

Suzuki Jimny 3-door

  • Starting price: R390,900
  • Fuel consumption: 6.3-6.8l/100km

GWM Steed 5 Double Cab

  • Starting price: R423,350
  • Fuel consumption: 7.9l/100km

Suzuki Jimny 5-door

  • Starting price: R429,900
  • Fuel consumption: 6.3-6.8l/100km


  • Starting price: R429,900
  • Fuel consumption: 10.5l/100km

Mahindra Pik Up Double Cab

  • Starting price: R438,199
  • Fuel consumption: 7.9-9.3l/100km

Renault Duster

  • Starting price: R465,999
  • Fuel consumption: 5.2l/100km

GWM P-Series Single Cab

  • Starting price: R469,150
  • Fuel consumption: 9.4l/100km

GWM P-Series Double Cab

  • Starting price: R497,750
  • Fuel consumption: 9.4l/100km

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