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How South Africans can cash in on Black Friday deals in the US

How South Africans can cash in on Black Friday deals in the US

While American consumers gear up for the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, on 25 November 2016, international consumers are left on the outside looking in.

While many local retailers are holding Black Friday sales in South Africa, it is still a relatively new concept

An article by MyBroadband this week highlighted the scale of Black Friday and the types of deals that are available on the day.

Two companies, one locally based, and the other based in New York aim to help South Africans cash in on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday in the United States.

Postbox Courier provides express courier services to and from South Africa. The company has depots located in the US, the UK, Hong Kong and South Africa from where it receives and consolidates shipments and then forward to the appropriate destination depot for final delivery.

The company said that its operation in Johannesburg similarly acts as a receiving hub for exports from South Africa to the rest of the world.

“It’s a courier service run by South Africans, for local and expats living abroad who have a need to get goods to and from South Africa,” the company said.

By registering an account with the company via its website,  customers can begin to ship items.

Postbox Courier assigns a customer with a Personal Postbox at each of its receiving depots for free. They can then send parcels to their Personal Postbox and provide Postbox Courier with a final delivery address.

“From our depots, we will courier the items to the final destination in 3-5 working day,” it said.

Big Apple Buddy, a shopping concierge service located in the heart of New York City, also aims to connect international consumers with American retailers.

Big Apple Buddy will help you buy your chosen items from any US online store and ship them to your doorstep within two business days.

For a service fee ($50 for the first item and $15 for every additional item), the company will source your chosen items for the best price, check and repackage the goods upon arrival at their facility, prepare all necessary customs documentation and have the parcel safely shipped to your doorstep.

The service fee includes all the legwork that makes global commerce effortless for the consumer, including discount negotiations, packaging, shipping and providing personalized product and shopping advice, Big Apple Buddy said.

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  • NosySnoopy

    Aramex Global Shopper

    • Franco Del Palucci

      Do you have to pay a joining or annual fee for Aramex?

      • NosySnoopy

        There is a joining fee($45) but you can get discount vouchers if you scratch around on the web or twitter. Then you still pay shipping for a parcel according to weight.
        The one advantage of AGS is the vast amount of countries that they have coverage in. 17 countries including China, Hong Kong, USA, UK, etc. Go check it out at www aramexglobalshopper com

      • NosySnoopy

        www fnb co za/promotions/PBCAramex/index.html

        • Franco Del Palucci

          Thanks for the heads-up!

    • junkie_rock_star

      Amarex don’t consolidate packages though, which works out too expensive when ordering small items like CDs etc.. Postbox works out better for me as I can accumulate small parcels til there’s enough to send at one cost.

      • NosySnoopy

        True, but then shipping only one item can(mostly is) a lot more expensive with Postbox than AGS. Some you win, some you lose.

        • junkie_rock_star

          yeah… use both, depending on need 🙂

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