8 cool new car concepts and motor tech at CES 2018

While consumer technology remains the main focus of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every year, car manufacturers are increasingly taking the opportunity to show off their latest models and the technology driving them.

This year has been no different, and the focus has predominantly been on autonomous vehicles and ensuring that drivers are becoming more connected and safer while driving.

BusinessTech has picked out eight of the coolest cars and new motor-tech on display at this year’s CES in Las Vegas (8-12 January 2018).

Mercedes’ Concept EQ

With ‘Concept EQ’, Mercedes-Benz is showing how electric cars can soon move into the fast lane – as a sporty SUV coupé.

The vehicle would be powered by two electric motors, with a system output that can be increased to up to 300 kW thanks to scalable battery components, and a permanent all-wheel drive.

It also boasts a range of up to 500 kilometres meaning it is also a very practical electric vehicle.

Navya Autonom Cab

In a move toward creating smart cities, the totally electric-powered Navya Autonom Cab provides an intelligent transport service for individual trips in urban centers.

The cab was designed from the outset to be autonomous, just like all the vehicles in the Autonom range, meaning that there is no cockpit, steering wheel or pedals.

The Autonom Cab is capable of speeds up to 55 mph (88 km), but will average closer to 30 mph (48 km) as it travels in urban areas to conform with local speed limits.

Honda NeuV


Honda’s latest self-driving, electric concept differentiates itself by targeting the ride-sharing market.

It features a full touch panel interface enabling both the driver and passenger to access a simple and convenient user experience.  The vehicle has two seats, a storage area in back, and an electric skateboard for “last mile” transit.



Taking its name from “Bytes on Wheels”, Byton’s new electric vehicle has been designed by former BMW and Apple employees.

The car is aiming to be more digitally-advanced than competitors such as Tesla and among other new technologies, features a display that stretches across the length of the dashboard.

Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell SUV


Hyundai’s fuel cell NEXO represents the next step in hydrogen-powered vehicles, with the battery boasting a 370 mile range (595 km) in the manufacture’s latest SUV.

The vehicle also boasts improved acceleration and power, ability to handle extreme temperature and environments and safety technology such as Blind-sport View Monitor and Lane Following Assist.

Garmin Speak Plus

Garmin revealed its new Garmin Speak, with the navigation product boasting a big update.

The Speak Plus will carry-over Amazon’s Alexa functionality but will now also double as a dash-cam, recording your drive and providing driver assistance features such as forward collision and lane departure warnings.

Other features include the ability to create hands-free to-do lists, access to a number of music streaming and Alexa search functionality.

KIA’s Smart City plans

KIA said that it plans continue to expand its range of environmentally-friendly cars in the coming years, offering a total of 16 electrified vehicles by 2025, including a fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) in 2020.

The company said that it plans to operate a large-scale test fleet for autonomous technology on public roads from 2019, paving the way for commercial production of the technology. KIA aims to commercialise Level 4 autonomous vehicles in smart cities from 2021 with a new Smart City pilot project.

Honda 3E-D18

The 3E-D18 is an AI-equipped platform robotics device built to serve a broad range of work activities.

By replacing the upper attachment, the 3E-D18 can perform various tasks such as search and rescue, agricultural work and sports training support. Its has a four-wheel-drive electric powertrain, and virtually indestructible airless tyres.

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