10 tasks which are being automated at South African companies

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will take over dull and repetitive tasks, freeing employees to make more creative decisions and employ their empathy.

This is according to John Holdsworth, founder & CEO of Tatuona, who was speaking at the BusinessTech Fintech conference this past week.

Contrary to the claim that these new technologies will replace jobs, Holdsworth said that they will instead create new jobs as they work alongside employees.

“It will ultimately be a symbiotic relationship that acts in the best interest of the clients, employees and the company,” he said.

“One such technology is robotic process automation which was first implemented around five years ago as a means of automating repetitive ‘swivel chair’ tasks.

“This technology is typically deployed on individual desktops and is user-initiated,” he said.

Below Holdsworth outlined some of the tasks currently being performed by AI in South African companies:

  • Automating the customer authentication process;
  • Answering routine customer service queries;
  • Updating basic customer information;
  • Originate claims lodged via a call centre or email;
  • Read incoming emails and apply predefined rules;
  • Automate claims processing and settlement;
  • Conduct triage processing, assigning claims to the correct category/expert;
  • Identifying fraudulent transactions using machine/deep learning;
  • Automating subrogations and third-party liability processes;
  • Tracking and monitoring of regulatory changes.

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10 tasks which are being automated at South African companies