UCT wants to launch a new combined law and technology degree

 ·21 Oct 2019

The University of Cape Town has established Africa’s first centre for Law and Technology.

The multidisciplinary centre, to be housed in UCT’s Faculty of Law, will pilot research and teaching and learning from the perspective of law and technology in a bid to keep up with the demands of a modern tech-driven world.

“Those that came before us long recognised the link between law and humanities and between commerce and law, and introduced combined degree programmes in these fields.

“Now we see the interconnections between law and technology, and we think these links are worth exploring,” said Dean of Law, Professor Danwood Chirwa.

He said there have been ongoing debates in the faculty about just how much globalisation and technology continue to impact the LLB academic programme.

The effect of Generation Z, and the number of new ways of consuming knowledge and how they have impacted the teaching of law, in particular, have also come under scrutiny, he said.

Chirwa said in the next five years the faculty hopes to establish a combined degree programme that will draw into the LLB programme students in information systems, mathematics and computer science.

There are also plans to offer a postgraduate programme in law and technology, and a skills course in law and technology for LLB students, he said.

“All of this has made us better and stronger, and can make us even better.

“We have a history of resilience, self-examination, adaption and (we’ve been on) a quest for constant progress. If we continue with that spirit, we can be what we wish to be.”

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