These are the most iconic brands in South Africa

 ·3 Aug 2016
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The Icon Brands Survey, conducted in association with Target Group Index (TGI), has identified the 39 most iconic brands in South Africa for 2016.

The Icon Brands Survey is one of the largest of its kind in South Africa, and covers 19 sectors, 163 categories and a multitude of brands. The 2016 survey had over 15,100 respondents.

According tot he survey findings, the Sunlight Laundry Bar is the country’s most iconic brand, with popular soft drink Coca Cola following in second place.

Sunlight washing liquid, Kiwi shoe polish and Koo baked beans rounds up the top 5 iconic brands.

South Africa's most iconic brand

South Africa’s most iconic brand

“These Icon Brands are brands used most loyally by South Africans, regardless of age, income, race or language,” said Andrea Gevers-Rademeyer, CEO of Ask Afrika.

However, the survey pointed out that consumer loyalty was at its lowest point since the global financial crisis of 2008, with consumers faced with economic pressures willing to switch brands to save money.

“South African consumers generally are becoming more promiscuous, volatile and comfortable with change, as long as the risk of change is well managed,” Gevers-Rademeyer said.

Another key factor affecting consumer loyalty is whether brands succeed in meeting their emotional demands, and a brand’s ability to connext with consumers on a more personal level.

Here are the 39 most iconic brands in South Africa:

# Brand Category
1 Sunlight Laundry Bar Household products: Laundry soap bars
2 Coca Cola Non-alcoholic drinks: Colas
3 Sunlight washing liquid Household products: Washing liquids
4 Kiwi shoe polish Shoe polish
5 Koo Baked Beans Tinned/canned beans
6 All Gold Tomato sauce Condiments and sauces: Tomato sauce
7 Sea Harvest fish Frozen Fish Products
8 Knorr Aromat Liquid and dry seasoning
9 I & J fish Frozen fish products
10 Koo tinned fruit Tinned fruit
11 Huletts sugar Sugar
12 McCain Frozen Chips and Potato Products
13 JC Le Roux Alcoholic drinks: Sparkling wine
14 Lucky Star Tinned fish
15 Clover Milk Milk: Fresh
16 Sta-soft Household products: Fabric softeners
17 Knorrox Stock products
18 Fatti’s and Moni’s Pasta
19 McCain Frozen Vegetables and Peas (excl. Potatoes and Chips)
20 Black Cat peanut butter Spreads: Peanut butter
21 Clover Krush juice Non-alcoholic drinks: Fruit juice (100% fresh)
22 Lipton ice tea Non-alcoholic drinks: Iced tea (ready to drink)
23 Bull Brand Tinned meat
24 Koo Tinned vegetables
25 Eskort bacon Meat: Bacon
26 Enterprise viennas Meat: Viennas
27 Elastoplast Sticking plaster
28 Spec Savers Glasses/Contact lenses
29 Energade Non-alcoholic drinks: Energy sport drinks
30 Clorets gum Sweets: excluding gum and breath freshener
31 Dulux Paint
32 Frisco instant coffee Hot drinks: Instant coffee
33 Clover cheese Cheese: Natural and blocks
34 Clover processed cheese Cheese: Processed
35 Jik bleach Household products: Domestic bleaches
36 Always pads Female Sanitary products
37 Colgate toothpaste Toothpaste (normal)
38 MTN Telecommunications
39 Colgate toothbrushes Toothbrushes

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