The average monthly salary in South Africa – before and after bonuses

Stats SA has released its latest Stats in Brief report for 2016, revealing what the average monthly salary is for South Africans across eight general sectors – before and after bonuses and overtime are included.

According to Stats SA, the average monthly Salary at the end of 2015 was R17,517 per month, including bonuses and overtime, with the highest earners in the electricity, gas and water supply sector, earning an average of R34,444 per month before and R37,228 per month after bonuses.

The lowest-paying sector was wholesale and retail trade, and general services which paid the lowest average of R11,456 per month before and R11,754 per month after bonuses.

Stats SA’s data covers all people employed by businesses, who received payment (in salaries; wages; commission, in addition to a retainer, salary or wage; piece rates; or payments in kind) for any part of the reference period.

It excludes independent contractors and consultants; working proprietors; sole and joint owners; employees paid on a commission basis where a retainer, salary or wage was not paid; and employees based in South Africa but paid from abroad, e.g. embassy employees.

The table below shows the average salaries in the country at the end of 2015:

Industry Average salary (excluding bonuses and overtime) Average salary (including bonuses and overtime)
Electricity, gas and water supply R34 444 R37 228
Transport, storage and communication R20 002 R21 323
Mining and quarrying R21 006
Community, social and personal services R20 317 R20 702
Financial intermediation, insurance, real estate and business services R18 229 R18 683
Manufacturing R14 630 R15 841
Construction R12 556 R13 186
Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles, motor cycles and personal and household goods; hotels and restaurants R11 456 R11 759
All industries R17 517

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The average monthly salary in South Africa – before and after bonuses