Massive spike in these 2 types of crimes in Gauteng

Acting Provincial Commissioner of the SAPS in Gauteng, major general Patricia Rampota, presented provincial crime stats on Tuesday for the second quarter – July to September 2020.

The police department’s lead for Gauteng pointed to a spike in cash-in-transit crimes, and truck jacking over the reporting period.

CIT robberies increased 107.7% which is 14 cases higher than previously; while truck jacking increased 52.1%, which is 85 cases higher.

Alex Terblanche, head of Budget Business Insurance, recently noted that criminals in South Africa have locked on to a target following the popularity of online ordering in a post Covid-19 environment – couriers.

“We have noticed a spike in courier vehicle theft. In a few of these cases, the vehicles have been recovered but the goods are missing. The fact that the majority of these vans and vehicles are being taken by force or in armed robberies and hijackings is of great concern,” he said.

Theft of courier vehicles in Gauteng is markedly higher than in any other province, and currently poses a significant and growing risk, said Budget Business Insurance.

In presenting national crime stats last Friday, police minister, Bheki Cele, said that the scramble to ‘catch up’ by criminals is also reflecting in the increasing of cash-in-transit heist figures.

“It is clear armed gangs targeting cash vans, are becoming more desperate and ruthless as the year comes to a close. These criminals are stopping at nothing to carry out their criminal acts, often doing so in public spaces near innocent bystanders.”

Cele said that while he is pleased that there have been breakthroughs in taking down some of these criminal syndicates as well as recouping some of the stolen money, “the fact that this quarter recorded 24 cases more of the CIT’s than the comparable previous quarter period in this crime, it means more can and must be done to infiltrate these gangs and bring CIT robberies to its knees”.

South Africans have been hard hit in recent months, thanks to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown period, which saw many people forced to close their business, and millions, lose their jobs. This put enormous strain on the collective mental well-being within the country.

the 2nd quarter of Jul to Sept 2020/2021 with Tshwane District the only district that registered an increase for murder.

According to major general Rampota, murder decreased in the province by 10.1%. The police head, said that arguments and road rage were the top contributors to murder statistics in Gauteng. Arguments or misunderstandings contributed to over 143 cases of murder, not related to domestic violence.

Over 76 deaths related to robberies, while vigilantism or mob justice accounted for 43 murder cases. Domestic violence including love triangles contributed towards 26 murder cases, while 18 murders were as a result of taxi violence.

‘Retaliation’ and revenge contributed 18 murders, while illicit mining contributed to over 13 murders.

Property related crimes decreased in the prvince with a case difference of 7,755 cases –  25% lower.

Gauteng crime stats for Q2 2020 (1 July 2020 to 30 September 2020)

Gauteng 2019 vs 2020 Jul – Sep 2019 Jul – Sep 2020 Change
Contact Crimes 44 006 39 129 -11.1%
Contact-related Crimes 7 418 6 424 -13.4%
Property-related Crimes 31 025 23 270 -25.0%
Other Serious Crimes 32 785 27 994 -14.6%
Total public reported 115 234 96 817 -16.0%
Crime detected as a result of police action 22 900 11 825 -48.4%
Total 138 134 108 642 -21.4%
  • Contact crimes include murder, attempted murder and sexual offences, as well as common assault and robbery.
  • Contact-related crimes include arson and malicious injury to property.
  • Other serious crimes include commercial crime, shop-lifting and all other types of theft – while aggravated robbery includes hijackings, robbery at residences and cash-in-transit heists and bank robberies.
  • Crimes detected as a result of police action cover crimes discovered by active policing, such as road-blocks and raids. Categories covered by this are the illegal possession of firearms, DUI or driving under the influence (of drugs or alcohol); and the use, possession or trade of illegal drugs.

Biggest increase to biggest decrease in crimes – Gauteng – Q2 2020/21

Category Jul – Sep 2019 Jul – Sep 2020 Change
Bank Robbery 0 1 +1 case
Robbery of Cash in Transit 13 27 +107.7%
Truck hijacking 163 248 +52.1%
Arson 143 152 +6.3%
Carjacking 2 320 2 435 +5.0%
Commercial crime 7 361 7 569 +2.8%
Robbery at residential premises 1 903 1 942 +2.0%
Shoplifting 4 431 4 392 -0.9%
Attempted murder 1 206 1 180 -2.2%
Common assault 11 128 10 608 -4.7%
Burglary at non-residential premises 3 599 3 358 -6.7%
Stock-theft 273 254 -7.0%
Illegal possession of firearms and ammunition 1 126 1 022 -9.2%
Murder 1 214 1 091 -10.1%
Assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm 9 208 8 247 -10.4%
Sexual Offences 2 811 2 467 -12.2%
Robbery with aggravating circumstances 13 866 12 029 -13.2%
Robbery at non-residential premises 1 790 1 552 -13.3%
Malicious damage to property 7 275 6 272 -13.8%
Theft of motor vehicle and motorcycle 6 174 5 298 -14.2%
Common robbery 4 573 3 507 -23.3%
All theft not mentioned elsewhere 20 993 16 033 -23.6%
Burglary at residential premises 11 349 7 981 -29.7%
Theft out of or from motor vehicle 9 630 6 379 -33.8%
Sexual offences detected as a result of police action 208 120 -42.3%
Drug-related crime 12 169 6 039 -50.4%
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs 9 397 3 644 -61.2%

Private security company, Fidelity ADT reported an alarming rise in the number of armed house robberies across Gauteng during October and November.

Wahl Bartmann, chief executive of Fidelity Services Group, said that the group has recorded 20 incidents in the South and East of Johannesburg with Alberton, Springs and Turffontein recording the highest numbers of armed robberies.

There have been nine recorded incidents in the North of Johannesburg, three of these have been residential robberies and the balance commercial robberies.

“In our Pretoria footprint, we have had 15 incidents from October to date. Five of these have been commercial and eight residential and in our more outlying areas we have recorded 10 incidents, seven commercial and the balance residential,” said Bartmann.

He said that all of these incidents have involved armed suspects. “We know traditionally that a staggering 8 out of 10 residential robberies are committed using information from domestic workers, gardeners and former employees.

“Home and business owners need to be aware of the importance of vetting all staff very carefully. We recommend homeowners particularly use a specialist placement consultancy who can do the necessary background checks,” he said.

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Massive spike in these 2 types of crimes in Gauteng