IT salaries in SA: survey

 ·29 Oct 2013

MyBroadband’s IT salary survey has revealed that the average IT salary (basic salary only) in South Africa is R31,738 per month. The average annual pay package of an employee in the IT sector is R425,934.

The IT salary survey was completed by 3,480 IT professionals across South Africa, which included employees from small, medium, and large businesses.

The survey gathered salary information related to age, experience, qualification, company size, seniority, and job area.

The survey also distinguished between employees’ basic monthly salary (excluding benefits and bonuses), and the person’s full annual salary package.

It should be noted that the salary scales listed below are for all workers in the IT field, including support staff and admin staff.

Please note: A full breakdown of IT salaries per job type, age, experience, and qualification will be published in a later article.

Age and salary

The survey showed that the salary of IT professionals increases until the age of 50, but then starts to taper off when people reach retirement age.

Age 20 to 25 25 to 30 30 to 35 35 to 40 40 to 50 50 to 60 Over 60
Basic monthly salary R13,491 R22,528 R31,594 R36,067 R40,349 R39,321 R30,574
Annual salary package R171,151 R289,286 R406,688 R464,312 R530,697 R526,478 R407,490

Experience and salary

The salaries of IT professionals are closely linked to experience, and the survey confirmed that salaries increased in line with the experience of the employee.

Experience Under 2 years 2 to 5 years 5 to 10 years 10 to 20 years Over 20 years
Basic monthly salary R12,863 R17,891 R26,518 R38,941 R44,407
Annual salary package R165,027 R226,911 R343,216 R504,657 R585,471

Company size and salary

The survey results revealed a simple truth: the bigger the company, the higher the salary.

Company size Under 10 10 to 100 101 to 1000 Over 1000
Basic monthly salary R19,647 R26,904 R29,846 R36,509
Annual salary package R255,551 R340,053 R382,385 R484,663

Qualification and salary

A suitable qualification can play a big role in being earmarked for promotions and better positions, and the survey results confirmed that people with higher qualifications earn higher salaries.

Qualification Some schooling Certificate Matric Diploma Degree Master’s degree Doctorate (PhD)
Basic monthly salary R16,681 R22,985 R25,283 R27,538 R35,782 R45,161 R46,367
Annual salary package R216,386 R294,324 R326,407 R356,386 R463,963 R595,931 R635,484

Job level and salary

The survey results showed that administrative and support staff earn significantly less that IT professionals and managers.

Job level Administrative Support Professional Middle management Top management
Basic monthly salary R11,812 R14,994 R31,611 R36,756 R44,844
Annual salary package R150,889 R194,174 R403,889 R483,417 R599,778

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