Understanding digital body language

 ·5 Jan 2014

Technology group Oracle believes that people’s online behavior information, or digital body language, will play a crucial role in reshaping applications in 2014 and beyond.

Financial service firm PwC interviewed Steven Woods of Oracle as part of a technology forecast.

According to Woods, a key trend that is shaping the future of applications is digital body language.

He noted that with information flows in buying and selling, they were very different before the Internet compared with the way they are today.

“Before the digital era, information was a fairly rare commodity. To learn about a vendor, you had to interact with the vendor via a series of conversations.”

“With that interaction, a professional salesperson had the opportunity to understand buyers and their interests through their body language and their reactions and so on,” Woods said.

Fast-forward to today, “and the information flows are fascinatingly different. The buyers have complete control over where they get their information; they search, read reviews, and compare specifications and opinions.”

“The digital channels disintermediate the conversation that sales was able to have. Salespeople can no longer read a buyer’s body language and understand their interests,” Woods, the vice president of software development at Oracle, said.

He stressed that salespeople still need to get the insights that they used to get. “That is where the concept of digital body language comes in.”

“A marketer should use online behavior information to understand the hot buttons and interest levels of every potential buyer and put together a view of that buyer’s digital body language.”

He said that organisations that pieceed together that view of a customer based on the aggregate of their digital behavior and then use that information in all aspects of their organisation, would be successful.

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