This map shows which US state has the same GDP as South Africa

 ·23 Jun 2015

One of the USA’s smallest but richest states has the same gross domestic product (GDP) output as South Africa, new data shows.

New data from the USA Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) shows that as of 2015, Maryland, located in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, has a GDP output on par with South Africa.

Maryland has the 15th highest GDP output of all American states at $348.6 billion, coming in a few billion dollars shy of South Africa’s GDP of $350.1 billion.

The US state is the 19th most populous in the country, with a population close to 6 million people, giving it a GDP per capita of around $58,000.

The state is also the 5th most densely populated, with 236 people per square kilometre.

Comparatively, South Africa has a population of over 53 million people, giving it a GDP per capita of $6,603.

In 2014, Nigeria overtook South Africa as the African continent’s biggest GDP contributor, following a rebasing of the country’s economic indicators.

The US state most closely aligned to Nigeria’s GDP output of $573.6 billion is Ohio, which has a GDP of $583.2 billion.

Despite Nigeria’s overall GDP lead on South Africa, it lags behind significantly on a per capita basis, with only $3,300 per 173.6 million of the population.

Ohio, on the other hand, has a GDP per capita of $50,258 for its population of 11.6 million people.

Notably, if California – the USA’s biggest state by GDP – was a country on its own, it would be 8th largest economy in the world at more than $2.3 trillion. This is roughly the same size as Brazil.

This image shows the US states aligned with the GDP outputs of the countries shown.

USA GDP World Map (click to enlarge)

USA GDP World Map (click to enlarge)

Top 15 US states by GDP and country equivalent (in US$ millions)

US State 2014 GDP Country 2014 GDP
California $2 311 616 Brazil $2 353 025
Texas $1 648 036 Canada $1 788 717
New York $1 404 518 Spain $1 406 855
Florida $839 944 Netherlands $866 354
Illinois $745 875 Saudi Arabia $752 459
Pennsylvania $662 890 Switzerland $712 050
Ohio $583 261 Nigeria $573 652
New Jersey $549 099 Poland $546 644
North Carolina $483 126 Taiwan $529 550
Georgia $476 483 Norway $500 244
Virginia $463 613 Austria $437 123
Massachusetts $459 937 Iran $404 132
Michigan $451 516 UAE $401 647
Washington $427 052 Colombia $384 901
Maryland $348 631 South Africa $350 082

The full list can be seen on the American Enterprise Institute’s web page.

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