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South Africa’s top 10 richest suburbs

South Africa’s top 10 richest suburbs

South Africa’s top 10 suburbs now boast an average sales price exceeding R10 million, with Clifton, in Cape Town, rated as the most expensive of the lot, averaging R20 million.

Five years ago, only two suburbs topped this average sales price mark, according to data published by property group, Seeff.

It noted that FNB reported earlier in the year that the national average house price had breached the R1 million price mark, however, Clifton, boasts an average sales price of R20 million, R5 million more than its nearest rival.

Based on recent data from Lightstone, Cape Town tops the list with no less than seven of these suburbs, while only three Johannesburg suburbs are in the top 10 list.

South Africa’s richest 10 suburbs

# Suburb City Average Value
1 Clifton Cape Town R19.75 million
2 Sandhurst Johannesburg R14.9 million
3 Llandudno Cape Town R11.2 million
4 Bantry Bay Cape Town R11 million
5 Westcliff Johannesburg R11 million
6 Bishopscourt Cape Town R11 million
7 Dunkeld Johannesburg R10.5 million
8 Fresnaye Cape Town R10.5 million
9 Constantia Cape Town R10 million
10 Camps Bay Cape Town R10 million

These suburbs have, according to Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff property group, emerged in the post-2007/8 period as the Blue Chip property hot spots.

“Despite the lacklustre economic backdrop, we have seen local high net-worth individuals and foreigners from across the globe including G7 nations such as Britain and Germany along with emerging economic hot spots such as Nigeria, demonstrate their confidence in these areas by investing their wealth here,” Seeff said.

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Seeff says that the levels of R20 million-plus sales in the Sandton area remain disappointing and show a lack of confidence.

In contrast, there has been no shortage of R20 million-plus sales in the Cape – reaching a record-setting R111 million in Clifton this year.

Clifton’s average sales price is about 34% higher than in 2014. A top-end location in Nettleton Road for example can now range between R150 million and R200 million.

An apartment of the sea-side of Victoria Road will set you back about R120,000/sqm, equating to about R60 million for a three-bedroom unit with modern finishes, the property firm said.

Sandhurst (in Sandton) is about 35% pricier than what it was five years ago. Prices here range to about R60 million for a mansion and 5,800sqm land with a floodlit tennis court, swimming pool, hotel-type spa, gymnasium, cinema and more.

Llandudno’s prices have increased 50% from five years ago, while Bantry Bay’s prices are 38% higher than in 2010.

To do any serious shopping in the suburb though, you will need upwards of R20 million to R60 million for a spectacular family home designed by Van Der Merwe Miszewski architects.

Fresnaye is a whopping 83% higher than what it was in 2010 with a R120 million needed for a home designed by Stefan Antoni, responsible for so many iconic designs on the Atlantic Seaboard. Camps Bay is up 54%.

R200 million house

The other two Sandton suburbs, Westcliff and Dunkeld, are up 18% and 51% up since 2010 respectively.

Clifton home 7

Bishopscourt and Constantia in Cape Town’s sought-after southern suburbs are up 69% and 54% since 2010 respectively, Seeff said.

While Durban’s top areas are still somewhat below the national top ten, Seeff says that activity in R5 million-plus sector there is on the up.

The highest average price is at the sought-after Zimbali development at R7.5 million followed by Umhlanga at R5.2 million and La Lucia at R3.8 million.

Zimbali view

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  • dan

    WTF…Brakpan didn’t make it??…again??

    • 0001000ghost

      haha good one!

    • hosia

      WHO? 🙂

    • r0j0e

      and benoni nogal

  • wo0two0t1

    Sandhurst is higher than Llandudno lol – high crime, etolls, poor maintenance, ANC controlled vs much safer, awesome views, awesome beach close by and DA run – easy choice for me. The B&B I stay at when I visit JHB is in Sandhurst and the grass on the verge is more than a meter high. Surly with the property taxes these guys pay they should be able to afford to cut the grass – pathetic.

    • r0j0e

      people in joburg and cape town, from what I’ve seen, have very differing requirements and personalities.. a guy in cape town will pay R10million for a view, while a guy in joburg will pay R10million to be in a safe elite area where he can avoid traffic.. he doesn’t care about grass.

      then again, the guy from cape town would’ve smoked the grass already anyway.. wait, no, that’s Durban 😉

      • wo0two0t1

        oki… houses are beautiful but area a dump in places just didnt expect that in a 10 million rand area is all.

  • ZA

    KZN – Zooma cronnies not taken into consideration….

  • Spookie

    The article should rather be called “South Africa’s top 10 most expensive suburbs” There is a difference between richest and most expensive. Richest refers to the wealth of the residents, while this article is on the cost of the properties…

  • Ray Mulder

    What about nkandla?

    • What about Ntshuxi? my village.

    • Jo

      Nkandla is way out of the league of any of the richest people. Even more expensive than many of the very expensive wine farms around Franschhoek.
      One can buy 10 of the most expensive properties in the most expensive suburb of Clifton in SA, to spend R250m on property.

    • Mike Lee

      It may have cost the taxpayers in excess of R240 million – certainly isn’t worth anywhere near that amount! Memory serves the original estimate was around R20 million…Who would want to live in the middle of nowhere other then a retired ex President…?

  • All Zimbabwean tycoon are now based in Sandhurst.

  • SAM

    i have no problem with any of these amazing, expensive, grand, etc homes at all. What does fascinate me is lack of access, convenient position, or as they say in the classics.—location, location, location. To get to, and through, Clifton, Camps Bay, Bishopscourt, just about any Sandton suburb is a time consuming nightmare. You have to plan your life to make it easier.and the wind in Camps bvay and West coast drives me mad.( My pal, in his R20m Camps Bay house, on many a Sunday afternoon at tea would say: “the wind is coming up .lets go inside.”)

    Why do I say all of this. I live in a 3 bed flat in Sea Point, oops sorry 3!!!, 3 bed apartment on the Atlantic Sea board, with our cars in the basement and a pool on site and here is the rub: 5 minute walk from Queens beach, between 5 an15 minutes from Spar, Checkers .restaurants, doctors, dentists and banks, filling station and promenade. AND NO WIND OR SMELLS.

    But as they say to each his own. You could be could be Brakpan or Welkom

    • ChopCheese

      Sam, a bit of an odd comment if you ask me. Can you afford R20m for spot in Clifton or Camps Bay? I can’t and right now I wouldn’t move there either, but should I have the money, who knows! A lot of people can afford to buy there but don’t because they don’t want to live there. Others that can afford it and want to live there, they buy there. Also remember that a lot of the people that live there don’t have to wake up at 6am to get to the office. A lot of them work flexi time as it is potentially their business etc etc.
      I don’t live there but still have to plan my life around traffic LOL

  • Homeless_bloke

    I visited Llandudno
    2 years back and I noticed the majority who own the houses there are international phat cats who want a stake in RSA… Cape Town is a truly beautiful city which attracts international investors but what pisses me off is CPT has developing into a city that licks arse and kneels to you only if you a wealthy foreigner…I once asked by a German lady why is CPT so beautiful and yet there is so much poverty in the some areas linke Gugulethu, I was gobsmacked and did not have any answer but in mind I knew that answer was because no international wants to go in disadvantaged areas and not see pverty…so they keep them looking in that state to make the German phat cat feel like they are in Africa (Stereotypically poor and with starving kids) the prices there are based on dollar and pounds…Cape town is turning to a Playground for internationals hence these ridiculous prices, while other areas there get worse and worse…The funny thing is Gauteng (JHB) has the most millionaires in the entire RSA with Sandton being the richest city in Africa (meaning it commands more money than a few western countries) So why aren’t the Richest suburbs mainly situated in JHB…Rosebank and Dunkeld is also taken up by wealthy internationals who are either here on business and to steal the little RSA has to offer or come with new projects which enriches them and makes them look like evangelists saving Africa and if you think about it if you have $1m you can retire in RSA and never have to work again if you invest your money well and live a modest lifestyle but you could never do that in America or even China (Hong Kong)… so my question is…are CPT, Dunkeld and Sandhurst property prices based on how many international dollar millionaires want to buy or are they based on other factors….Some South Africans will not be able to buy in CPT or the above mentioned most expensive areas even if they have the money because they have to keep a certain clientele (Neighbours) ….The average salary for CEOs in RSA is about R10m/a (I stand to be corrected here)….some of these property prices even they will battle to get a holiday home there…if we are pricing houses for international investors what happens to us…because these property prizes I don’t think are ever based on the local household salaries?

    So we already have to work 17,5 (exchange rate) times as hard to be dollar rich…that means many of us will never afford to buy a house in Llandudno (CPT) unless we come from Silver spoon backgrounds and with parents already owning homes in these suburbs or similar locations

    International investment is always good but don’t neglect the locals in order to attract such…

    #Salariesmustgoup! this is bull shhhhhhhh…..

    • Kiss Mlungu

      ‘ Sandton being the richest city in Africa ” jump over the freeway you & see’ll Alex

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