These are the top cities for ultra-rich property investors

Cape Town and Johannesburg rank among the top 50 so-called “alpha cities” in the world.

These are cities which are attractive to the ultra-rich when they decide on where to buy luxury real estate in a city, according to the Wealth-X Global Property Handbook. It was compiled in collaboration with Warburg Realty and Barnes International Realty.

The first edition of the handbook reviews the luxury real estate market and explores the buying habits of the world’s wealthiest people. These ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWs) have a net worth of $30 million (about R400 million) or more.

The ideal city property must satisfy a range of practical, emotional, and financial considerations.

Cape Town ranks 37th one notch below Dubai (36th). The Mother City’s attractiveness for luxury purchases by the very rich is seen as on a par with Oslo in Norway, Basel in Switzerland and Moscow in Russia.

Johannesburg ranks 46th, just below cities like Sao Paulo in Brazil, Dublin in Ireland, Mumbai in India and Kuwait City in Kuwait, which are collectively in 42nd place.

Johannesburg is seen as on a par with Shenzhen in China and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It beats only two cities in the top 50, namely Guangzhou in China and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Despite Brexit, London ranks first for the ultra-rich when they consider purchasing luxury property. New York comes in second place, Tokyo third, Sydney fourth, Paris 5h, Chicago 6th and San Francisco both 6th along with Osaka i Japan, while Toronto and Washington DC take the 9th spot together.

The report singles out Cuba as the top emerging market for real estate developers.

Top 20 cities

Ranking City Score/100
1 London/UK 77
2 New York/US 75
3 Tokyo/Japan 70
4 Sydney/Australia 61
5 Paris/France 60
6 Chicago/US 59
6 San Francisco/US 59
6 Osaka/Japan 59
9 Toronto/Canada 58
9 Washington DC/US 58
11 Hong Kong/China 57
11 Berlin/Germany 57
13 Los Angeles/US 56
14 Munich/Germany 55
14 Boston/US 55
16 Singapore 54
17 Miami/US 53
17 Houston/US 53
17 Stockholm/Sweden  53
20 Dallas/US 52
20 Atlanta/US 52
20 Hamburg/Germany 52


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These are the top cities for ultra-rich property investors