The hottest job sectors that are paying R1 million salaries in South Africa

New data published by jobs site Adzuna finds that the average salary for jobs advertised has declined by as much as 20% over the past year – at around R324,508 at end of July 2017 versus R390,830 in July 2016.

Analysing over 130,000 unique online job listings in South Africa, Adzuna found an increasing trend towards a demand for technical skills and an overall decrease in the amount of vacancies available online.

This follows a general annual trend of companies hiring more at the end and start of the year  – excluding December.

The recruitment specialist pointed to an ‘interesting increase’ in the diversity of jobs over the R1 million mark and an increase in digital in this income band.

Financial, digital and engineering positions claim the most of the R1 million+ positions advertised, with directors of all types filling in the gaps.

“Digital and programming positions have gained considerably as companies struggle to source talent from a relatively small pool, with many starting to look abroad. As an example, Solutions architects have seen an increase over six months of almost R100,000 on their salaries, with the latest average reaching R877,338 in July 2017,” Adzuna said.

Among straight engineering titles, “civil engineer” took the top spot in March with an average salary of around R628,000 across South Africa, which hasn’t changed, it said.

Other titles do score higher – however they are not all abundant enough to draw conclusive inference, the group added. They include section engineers, “treatment” engineers, facilities engineers and geotechnical engineers.

Engineering managers currently receive offers averaging R862,701, Adzuna said.

Outliers include “surveyors”, who now earn more than double compared to the start of the year. Sales employees, such as sales managers and sales executives, are also commanding salaries around 25% higher than March 2017.

Adzuna noted that only recruiters saw a marked decrease in salary at 49% down since March 2017. “The demand for recruiters is also much lower, perhaps indicating a seasonal trend, or possibly the increased activity of employers finding staff directly.

“Recruiters also traditionally earn most of their salaries on commission and perhaps recruitment firms are reducing basic salaries – which are advertised on job listings – and pushing more of the remuneration package into the commission portion,” it said.

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The hottest job sectors that are paying R1 million salaries in South Africa