These are the top luxury trains in the world

New World Wealth has released its Global Wealth Migration Review for 2018, which features a host of information about the world’s super-rich – where they’re moving to, what they invest in, and what they spend their money on.

South Africa does not feature prominently in the report, but does stand out as having two of the five most popular luxury train services in the world, frequented by the super-wealthy.

The famous Blue Train ranks as the third most popular luxury train service, just above the pan-African Rovos Rail’s Pride of Africa journey, ranked as the fourth most popular.

Other luxury trains on the small ranking include the Orient Express in Europe, which ranked as the most popular of the lot, followed by the Eastern and Orient Express in Singapore as the second most popular, and the Royal Scotsman in Scotland as the fifth most popular.

The ranking was determined by sourcing information among top-end travel agents, as well as tracking the movement of wealthy individuals through the media.

Here’s a closer look at the five most popular luxury train services in the world:

1. The Orient Express (Europe)

  • Price: £700 – £8,000 per person (R11,800 – R135,000)
  • Trip: 1 to 2 days

2. Eastern and Oriental Express (Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand)

  • Price: $2,544 – $4,925 per person (R30,800 – R60,000)
  • Trip: 2 to 3 days
Eastern & Oriental 800ASep 14

3. The Blue Train (South Africa)

  • Price: R20,850 – R30,415 per person
  • Trip: Overnight

The Blue TrainThe Blue Train DiningThe Blue Train Luxury suite bedThe Blue Train Luxury suite bath

4. Rovos Rail (Africa)

  • Price: R18,950 – R260,000 per person
  • Trip: 1 – 20 days

Rovos RailRovos Rail LoungeRovos Rail Bathroom

5. Royal Scotsman (Scotland)

  • Price: £2,829 – £10,909 per person (R47,700 – R184,000)
  • Trip: 2 – 7 days

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These are the top luxury trains in the world