10 cities where foreigners earn the most money

 ·26 Feb 2018
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HSBC has released the results of its latest ‘Expat Explorer survey’, ranking the cities around the world where expats earn the most money.

The data is based on surveys completed by 27,587 expats from 159 countries and territories. 52 cities were included in the data analysis, with a minimum sample of 90 expat respondents required before a city could be included on the list.

According to the data, Mumbai is the leading city for expat earnings, with foreigners working in the Indian city earning an average of around $217,165 (R2.5 million) a year.

San Francisco ($207,227) and Zurich ($206,875) round off the top three – well above the global average of $99,903 (R1.15 million).

Johannesburg was the only South African city to feature on the list with an average salary of $92,416 (R1.06 million), behind only Nairobi with $119,182 (R1.37 million) when looking at African cities.

Rank City Country Annual earnings (USD)
1 Mumbai India $217 165
2 San Francisco USA $207 227
3 Zurich Switzerland $206 875
4 Shanghai China $202 211
5 Geneva Switzerland $184 942
6 New York City USA $182 240
7 Los Angeles USA $161 126
8 Jakarta Indonesia $152 589
9 Hong Kong Hong Kong $148 410
10 Paris France $139 602

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