South African salaries in 2018: what people earn

 ·24 May 2018

Jobs portal CareerJunction has published its annual salary survey, revealing what people in the country are earning every month, based on their level of experience across 10 major sectors.

The salary review is compiled exclusively for South African job seekers and the HR/Recruitment industry to give a true representation of cost-to-company salary packages in South Africa.

It contains up-to-date salary information as well as regional differences in monthly remuneration using actual salary offerings on CareerJunction’s website for the latest measurable period (December 2017 to May 2018).

The salaries listed below are divided by sector, and include the average regional differences in pay. BusinessTech highlights the jobs with the highest and lowest salaries – though it should be noted that the salaries are listed as a range, and will differ depending on seniority and skill level.

** indicates where salary information was not available due to low market demand for those skill sets.

Admin, Office and Support

  • Highest paid: Human Resources Officer – R31,025
  • Lowest paid: Data Capturing – R9,800

Architecture and Engineering

  • Highest salary: Environmental engineer – R75,941
  • Lowest salary: Engineering draughtsman – R16,181

Building and Construction

  • Highest paid: Structural Engineering – R71,377
  • Lowest paid: Engineering Draughting – R16,181


  • Highest paid: Senior Financial Management – R67,653
  • Lowest paid: Bookkeeping – R14,305

Information Technology

  • Highest paid: Senior Management – R68,281
  • Lowest paid: System and Network Administration – R28,239

Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Highest paid: Plant Management – R62,188
  • Lowest paid: Materials Control – R17,056


  • Highest paid: Senior Marketing Management – R47,083
  • Lowest paid: Marketing Assistant – R11,833

Medical and Health

  • Highest paid: Pharmacist – R45,219
  • Lowest paid: Medical Assistance and Support – R18,296


  • Highest paid: Sales Management – R48,757
  • Lowest paid: Short-term Life and Medical Insurance Broking – R7,422

Warehousing and Logistics

  • Highest paid: Logistics Management – R53,531
  • Lowest paid: Packing and Packaging – R8,167

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