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ANCWL warns bank after ‘confidential’ document says ANC may lose 2019 elections

ANCWL warns bank after ‘confidential’ document says ANC may lose 2019 elections

The African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) has lashed out at Rand Merchant Bank, after it allegedly warned that the ANC may lose the 2019 elections if president Jacob Zuma remains in power.

According to a report by TimesLive, a confidential RMB document said that political uncertainty could persist up until 2019 – when there may be a change of government.

“The market may be under-pricing the probability that Zuma gets forced from office in the next few months‚” the report allegedly said, based on the analysis of seven analysts.

The Women’s League said it believed that the alleged report portrays the ANC as a dying organisation that will not win 2019 elections, “and is expected to split should the preferred candidate of RMB not be elected as the ANC President in December 2017”.

According to TimesLive, the RMB report stated that Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma was the front-runner to lead the ANC after her ex-husband steps down.

Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, along with ANC treasurer general Zweli Mkhize, were viewed to be behind Dlamini-Zuma in the race for power.

“It is prudent for RMB to note that the nominations and elections of ANC leadership is done by ANC members and it is upon members to rally behind the all democratically elected leadership of the organisation,” the ANCWL said.

“The ANC remains the only hope for the ANCWL supporters, members and the general public who are on daily basis faced with untransformed financial sectors where some banks such as the FNB charge different loan interests to different racial groups,” the league said.

“It is only the ANC government through established institutions like Competition commission that can deal with banks which are involved in the corruption of the manipulation of the SA currency,” it said.

The ANCWL said that the ANC, working with other patriotic institutions, will eradicate the legacies of apartheid which have created inequality, unemployment and poverty in SA.

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  • InReality

    How on earth could this be classified as ‘confidential’…? It’s common knowledge for everyone on this planet that the ANC will find it extremely difficult to win the 2019 election. How can the ANCWL not see this?

    • lino_lupus

      Because they have interests vested in the Guptas bizniz……

  • NosySnoopy

    RMB is just racist!*


  • NosySnoopy

    I am SO tired of this line:

    eradicate the legacies of apartheid which have created inequality, unemployment and poverty in SA

    • Comrate

      I suggest you get energy drinks, you will be hearing it till 2019 and beyond.

      • …white…

      • Piet Vorster

        Unfortunately for the masses they will see none of it.

    • John Phoenix

      We will hear it ad nauseum, just look north of our borders, african countries that gained independence in the 70s are still beating that horse, it’s the ultimate scapegoat to steal your designated piece of land into abject poverty. And the countries that where never colonised? Well they just pass the begging bowl around every so often and justify it by saying that the “west” has a duty towards all man. Funny how the reverse is never true.

  • lino_lupus

    And what is the Vermin Liga going to do????……Scratch them with their paws???

  • Skerminkel

    The Concubine League. Meh.

  • SA First

    ANCWL and ANCYL are both for sale…cheap cheap….already sold to highest bidder….

  • IT’S ME

    you know your in [email protected] when your chick starts chirping…

  • MP3

    ANCWL go back to ncun tla… honestly…

  • v_3

    So a body, with no official status, headed by one of the few Cabinet Ministers on the planet to be labelled incompetent by a Court, mainly pre-occupied with keeping a reactionary sexist revanchist out of jail, fails to understand what bank reports are or why they are prepared?

    Where is the news here?

    Dlamini and the ZANC policialWh’res’ League occupies a space in outer unreality between denial and dishonesty.

  • Marc Eden

    If someone from FNB can please respond with regards to the following statement
    “The ANC remains the only hope for the ANCWL supporters, members and the
    general public who are on daily basis faced with untransformed
    financial sectors where some banks such as the FNB charge different loan
    interests to different racial groups,” the league said.

    • Ga77a

      Why? If the ANCWL have proof of this alleged racial profiling, they can approach the equality court.

      • [email protected]

        They may have correlation.

        But then there is probably also correlation with higher risk.

        Of course, it’s probably futile discussing correlation vs causation with the ANCWL.

        • Ga77a

          So what? Social inequality or no. Risk is risk.

          You are right about discussing the nuance of this issue with ANCWL. Especially as they are barking up the wrong tree. Lending is heavily regulated by the NCA. So they really should be shouting at their own elected government if they believe lending is lop sided.

          So if a bank were to respond, they would just point to the NCA. However the ANCWL would probably misinterpret this as some kind of convoluted admission of guilt.

    • Comrate

      that happens, naturally, as banks sometimes offers better rates to what they call “quality ” clients, in order to keep them good clients, quality clients are those who earn good and have outstanding credit record….no default, no skipped repayment, nothing….

      Generally whites are more well off, have better financial education, and they are likely to service their debts better, thereby qualifying for less interest rates due to good behavior,

      Black people generally struggle financially ( extended family , many kids , lower education, lower salary etc) therefore struggle to service debts, this means generally the credit profile will not be the best….and they will not get the benefit of low interest rates…

      The other factor, white people tend to try and negotiate interest rates, while black people are usually desperate and just ask where do I sign, perhaps Financial literacy being the issue.

      My experience when I worked at 2 banks…

      yes, loans are charged differently, but its not caused by the bank merely looking at your skin color and deciding on the rate. the above factors will naturally divide according race

      • Brian

        Precisely… it is all about risk profiles. But that is far to complex for the ANCWL to grasp.

    • Tom Ford

      lol. She’s never heard of Transunion. Sadly most of the ANC electorate swallow this crap whole without chewing.

      These untruths are exactly why ANC will win comfortably in 2019.
      This will be the headline on ANN7 (the only free channel besides SABC on the cheap DSTV), with a special show dedicated to analysing why she is right. For those who don’t agree, they’ll switch to SABC, hear the same thing and this will confirm to them it’s true.

      Unless another party can also capture all media that the poor watch, have a claim to giving them the fundamental freedom of liberty, KFC and a free T-shirt, those that don’t believe ANC is right on track are misinformed IMHO.

      • Marc Eden

        And this is why i say. There needs to be an IQ test before anyone can vote.


    The truth hurts.

  • So ANC members are allowed to vote whom they want in as president? So how much does it cost to become an ANC member (there are about a million ANC card carrying members?) and how exactly does one vote?

    • Comrate

      Only 1400 or so from branches are “selected” to the elective conference, this select few 1400 vote for the president…….

  • Ga77a

    So now apartheid ‘created’ inequality, unemployment and poverty. Implying what? That there was none prior.

    • John Phoenix

      These concepts were brought to Africa by Europeans, before that it was just wholesale murder and selling the weakest of the group to the highest bidder. Ala slave trade and inter tribe trading of females and livestock. It didn’t occur to anyone that slaughtering your fellow tribe was wrong, before said tribe was told it was wrong. Just like today, where groups of people are told they are disenfranchised, when the opposite is actual.

  • Tom Ford

    RMB is very lost, who are these seven analysts. Zuma’s plan is going exactly how he wants and what exactly is going to make ANC lose in 2019. It’s definitely not the 100 000 people that march with themselves un-voting Zuma when they didn’t vote for him in the first place.

    Who is speaking to the millions of unemployed and granted people who actually vote ANC. Remember for ANC to lose, these are the only people that matter and must be converted. The majority.

    For a poor homeless grant recipient, Radical economic transformation, the promise of a new house, that you will lose your grant if you vote another party and DA will bring back apartheid (A Zille retweet read out loud at a rally as empirical evidence, while munching a drumstick in a new T-shirt) is pretty hard to compete with. Who can compete with KFC.

    Zuma, at least the one who’s already been proven to be a lying thief will be gone, EFF rhetoric is nullified by REF and most black people I know, myself included are totally repelled by the clear BEE fronting and irritating SMS’s at election time.

    Let’s get a little real and stop living in the fantasy of the cocoons we live in, which are far from what the real SA is.

  • Hennie

    Since when is Zuma greater than the ANC? Why are the ANCYL and the ANCWL giving this man so much power? Is he providing the leaders of ANCYL and the ANCWL with funds that they have made a god of him? I’m wondering.

  • Oolon Colluphid

    The ANC becomes more despicable with each passing day. They are certainly ready to take their place amongst history’s most wretched players.

  • Disme

    typical brain dead response by a puppet group within a failed political party !
    The ANCWL add no value to the ordinary women….the league leaders are all secure in great jobs and party roles because they have committed their leadership votes with the Zuptas… plain and simple.
    What stupid rhetoric.
    The banks and other organisations are entitled to write up documents and analysis on how they predict things playing out- to not do so would be irresponsible for their shareholders and investors!

    too bad the omens are not with the zuptas…but such is like in a democracy… SCREW THE PEOPLE AND THEY WILL SCREW YOU !

  • the-TRUTH

    Yes, ANCWL (like it or not), your ANC have a higher probability of losing the next national general elections when we #VoteForChange
    and No, your ANC is not the hope for South Africans. ANC is not South Africa and our future is not ANC. Frankly, your ANC is dead and only a shell is left and now this shell is full of skeletons and lingering ghosts…
    Yes, ANCWL your #ANCMustFall because we are gatvol of ANCorruption / kleptocracy

  • Howard

    So the ancwl are the only one entitled to an opinion? – gfy ladies!

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