Most ATM populated country in the world

 ·24 Aug 2014

With 60 ATMs per 100,000 of the population, South Africa ranks 46th in the world for distribution of cash machines.

Ranked based on data from the World Bank, the Republic of Korea is the most ATM dense country in the world, with 282 ATMs per 100,000 people, followed by Canada and Portugal with 205 and 185 ATMs fer 100,000 people, respectively.

The data shows that Africa is by far and large the continent with the least amount of ATMs available – with South Africa ranking highest on the continent.

Countries such as Chad, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone statistically have 0 ATMs per 100,000 population.

In Africa, the lack of banking points and financial facilities has led to a significant rise in alternatives, such as mobile banking.

According to mobile trade association, MEF, mobile banking activity is higher in Africa than anywhere else in the world, led by Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya – the latter-most of which has the reputation for being the world’s mobile money pace-setter with M-Pesa.



According to a map from the Guardian, based on the World Bank Data, the Americas, Australia, Russia and most of Europe have wide-spread ATM networks.

Top 10 global ATM nations

# Country ATMs per 100,000
1 Republic of Korea 282
2 Canada 205
3 Portugal 185
4 Russia 182
5 China 179
6 United States 173
7 Australia 166
8 Spain 138
9 Japan 128
10 UK 124

South Africa’s ATMs

In latest full year reportings, Nedbank said that it had 3,445 ATMs around the country; FNB listed 4,582 ATMS; Standard Bank marked 8,077 ATMS; while Absa recorded 9,588 machines – the largest ATM network in SA.

Capitec, South Africa’s fifth largest bank by customers, has the smallest ATM network, with 2,918 ATMs at last official reporting.

SA banks reported ATM coverage

Bank ATMs
Absa 9,588
Standard Bank 8,077
FNB 4,582
Nedbank 3,445
Capitec 2,918

On top of ATMs, FNB and Capitec offer cash withdrawals from point of sale at certain stores across the country, which bulks up consumers’ access points to funds.

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