Game and Makro’s Black Friday 2020 plans

 ·6 Oct 2020

Game and Makro will run Black Friday deals throughout the month of November instead of releasing deals for a restricted three to five-day period from 27 November.

This arrangement will involve spreading deals over the month of November rather than concentrating deals into just one week or day, said Massmart, which owns both retailers.

“Black Friday traditionally sees high concentrations of shoppers in retail stores across the country, which can create a challenging shopping environment,” said Brian Leroni, Massmart corporate affairs executive.

“Therefore, we have taken the decision to reimagine the way we do Black Friday in 2020.

“In an effort to create a more consumer-friendly Black Friday experience while adhering to all Covid-19 and social distancing protocols, Makro and Game have taken the decision to extend the duration of our Black Friday promotion,”

Leroni said that the decision to hold a month of deals comes after analysing previous years of Black Friday shopper information.

He said that the extended period will provide customers with more opportunity and time to benefit from the Black Friday prices as stores release new deals each week during the month of November.

“These specials will only run for the week in which they are announced, and will not be offered again – so we encourage shoppers to take advantage of the deals each week, rather than waiting until the end of November as they normally would,” said Leroni.

He said that more information about the deals – including some big-ticket items such as large appliances, electronics, home living items, televisions and more – will be provided in the coming weeks.

“As always, sneak previews of some of the deals will be available on the Game and Makro social media feeds and email newsletters,” he said.

“Customers can subscribe to Game and Makro newsletters on each of the brand’s websites for sneak previews.”

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