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Woolworths continues free Wi-Fi roll out to shoppers

Woolworths continues free Wi-Fi roll out to shoppers

Retailer Woolworths says it will continue to roll out free in-store Wi-Fi for shoppers, having launched the service in 85 stores in December.

All customers across its major stores in Guateng, Pretoria, KwaZulu-Natal, and Cape Town receive two hours of free Wi-Fi, amid a continued shift towards online and mobile shopping platforms.

By the end of 2016, Woolworths had 219 clothing stores in South Africa, two more than in the prior period, while Woolworths Food boasted 322 stores – and 72 at Engen garages – up from 317 and 67, respectively, in 2016.

On Wednesday, the group said that despite difficult trading conditions in both South Africa and Australia, group sales increased by 6.7% to R37.8 billion for the 26 weeks to 25 December 2016.

However, headline earnings per share declined by 4.3% to 242.6 cents for the 26 weeks period.

Profit before tax increased 37.9% following the sale by David Jones of its Market Street property in Sydney for a profit of A$172 million (R1762 million).

Woolworths Clothing and General Merchandise sales grew by 3.5%, while Woolworths Food sales grew by 9.5%, with comparable sales up by 5.6%, it said.

The group maintained an interim dividend of 133 cents.

The retailer said it will continue to drive online sales – currently showing 30% growth, and improve the “online customer journey with better site capability and speed”.

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  • Khalsa S

    Cos squatting down with my laptop in the aisles is precisely what I want to do when I am shopping.

    • Ms Chang

      for a whole 2 hours

    • Norma


    • l1qu1d

      Recon it would be better suited to moms with kids on their smart phones/tablets.

  • Tau’ri

    Marvellous idea.
    Customers can already warm up their meals in the microwave, or have hot cappuccinos and cakes in the store, there are plenty beds on display one can sit on or lie in to try out… wi-fi connection is only the natural evolution!
    I could seriously consider leaving my place and moving into Woolies – I’d also be closer to the office.

  • Ray Mulder

    So I guess there is going to be a lot of Woolworths critics heading there now for free Wifi, even if they have to pay double for most basic things you can get elsewhere… such is the nature of staying in touch with your social commitments…and the horror of missing a WhatsApp…

  • Akella

    Gypsy stripes they sell are not worth even R10! Always laugh at their assortment – seems “fashion” never slept there.

  • OhGee1

    Only problem with this is that most Woolies stores have the aircon set to arctic. So no-one is gonna stay long enough for the phone to even connect.

  • brz

    So Woolies gives customers in 85 stores in three provinces free wifi but not even one store in the other six provinces? Thank you for nothing.

  • Born-again-Atheist

    Pitty about their hardware choice. Perhaps if they went for a better brand they’d need not over charge us for everything.

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