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Business Talk – Lulame co-founder Roberta Gumede on bridging the divide between rural and urban healthcare

 ·10 Jun 2024

In this Business Talk with Michael Avery interview, Lulame co-founder and Marketing Director Roberta Gumede discusses bridging the gap between rural and urban healthcare access in South Africa.

Gumede is an experienced strategist and marketing practitioner who boasts impressive business expertise  – both in Africa and abroad.

This is complemented by her command of Mandarin, which has proved instrumental in ensuring strong relationships between Chinese companies and her colleagues in Africa.

She co-founded Lulame thanks to her deep-rooted passion for providing turnkey solutions that drive Africa forward and address issues in remote areas.

Gumede believes that the key to transforming Africa is through a collaboration of technology, communities, and excellent service delivery – and this is particularly applicable to the healthcare sector in which Lulame operates.

The interview

Gumede begins the interview by discussing the gap between rural and urban healthcare in South Africa, and how this gap compares to those in other African countries.

She then outlines how a lack of access to healthcare can result in increased health crises in rural regions, and explains how Lulame’s technologically-advanced mobile healthcare units can help solve this challenge.

She also unpacks how Lulame has navigated healthcare regulations to develop and deploy these units, and reveals Lulame’s approach to social responsibility through its various initiatives.

Gumede concludes the interview by outlining the plans Lulame has to improve healthcare access in South Africa, especially in remote and rural areas.

Watch the interview with Roberta Gumede below.

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