Takealot’s Blue Dot Sale: what to expect from Black Friday and Cyber Monday

While a number of retailers are preparing for major Black Friday sales, shoppers are also keenly aware of Cyber Monday deals.

Instead of offering a specific Cyber Monday sale, Takealot CEO Kim Reid said that the site plans to offer continuous offers all the way from Black Friday into the following week through it’s Blue Dot Sale.

This means that shoppers can expect five days of sales right from when the first deals go up at 00h01 on Friday morning, he said.

These first ‘Black Friday’ deals will be followed by a number of timed unlocks introducing new deals as the sales progress, and providing incentive for shoppers to keep coming back to check the new deals.

“There will be specific deals for Monday and more will unlock as the day goes on,” said Reid. “Now is our exam time and we have to make sure that we have prepared properly”.

“We are going to do our damnedest – and while we are going to have to scurry, over this period we will become even more customer-centric.”


With the massive amount of transactions taking place, a number of banking services were knocked offline meaning that some shoppers were unable to purchase from Takealot.

In part of preparing for Black Friday and the lead up until Christmas, Reid said that preparations had already begun in January this year to make sure that similar mistakes didn’t occur this Black Friday.

This includes a back-up banking provider should Bankserv go down again, as well as the introduction of Kubernetes into the website’s codebase – meaning the site can scale up its microservers very quickly should it come under strain.

Still, it helps to know when the website is expected to be hardest hit, with Reid saying that one minute past midnight on the 24th is likely to be one of the peak times, based on previous years’ data.

Following this, Reid expects the next big peak to be between 08h00 and 09h00 on Black Friday morning, with various peaks as new deals are released throughout the day and into the weekend.

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Takealot’s Blue Dot Sale: what to expect from Black Friday and Cyber Monday