27 new and unusual South African jobs which you could soon receive a qualification for

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) has called for public comment on 27 occupational qualifications which are being considered for TVETs and other registered private education providers around the country.

An occupational qualification is a qualification associated with a trade, occupation or profession resulting from work based learning.

First established in 2010 the QCTO’s role is to oversee the design, implementation, assessment and certification of occupational qualifications, including trades, on the Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework (OQSF).

It also offers guidance to skills development providers who must be accredited by the QCTO to offer occupational qualifications.

There are currently over fifty QCTO qualifications registered, including:

• Airline Ground Crew
• Boat Builder and Repairer
• Chef
• Chemist (Surface Coatings Technologist)
• Electrical Line Mechanic – Overhead Lines Mechanic
• Financial markets practitioner
• Health Promotion Officer (Community Health Worker)
• Insurance Agent – Insurance Underwriter
• Mining Technician (Mine Ventilation Observer)
• Organisational Risk Manager (Risk Practitioner)
• Supply and Distribution Manager
• Plastics Manufacturing Machine Setter
• Port Manager
• Railway Signal Operator
• Retail Manager General – Retail Store Manager
• Road Transport Manager
• Tax Professional

Below you can find the 27 occupations and a short job description. By clicking on the link you can also find the full proposed assessment and curriculum criteria.

In some instances where the occupations themselves are not necessarily new, they have been revised into a new singular qualification.

  • Aid to Navigation Manager – ensures the provision of visual, audible and electronic aids to ensure safe and efficient movement of vessels (inland, coastal, ports, harbour, marinas).
  • Aid to Navigation Technician –  installs, commissions, maintains and repairs infrastructure and equipment.
  • Aircraft Structures Technician –  manufactures, inspects, modifies, dismantles, assembles, repairs and replaces the components of aircraft structures using metal and carbon fibre composite materials.
  • Apparel & Related Manufacturing Machine Mechanic – repairs, maintain, service and set-up a range of sewing machines and related auxiliary equipment used within the clothing manufacturing processes.
  • Aquaculture – promotes productivity through overseeing activities performed by team members within the Aquaculture Industry to ensure the attainment of aquaculture production objectives, economic and environmental sustainability. They predominantly oversee the farming of aquatic organisms.
  • Commercial Diver –  enters water or other liquid or a pressurized environment at a pressure exceeding 100mb above atmospheric pressure, using breathing apparatus, in order to carry out a range of tasks underwater either inshore or offshore depending on the type of diving industry they work in.

  • Concentrated Solar Power Process Controller –  provides technical support and services in the installation, operation, and maintenance of solar power plant processes, systems, facilities, and equipment.
  • Customs Compliance Manager –  manages, maintains and controls customs compliance and other statutory requirements within the organisation relating to international logistics and supply chain activities, beyond the generic management skills.
  • Diesel Electrical Fitter –  inspects, qualifies, overhauls, repairs, assembles and fits diesel engines and electrical and mechanical parts.
  • Dock Master – plans, coordinates and controls the safe and efficient docking and undocking of all vessels and or structures for the purposes of surveys, planned maintenance, unplanned repairs, alterations and refits.
  • Electric Cable Jointer – plans, prepares, installs, joints and terminates low voltage (LV) (1000V) and medium voltage (MV) (up to and including 44kV) cables under dead (at zero potential) conditions.
  • Fuel Pipeline Controller –  operates monitors and controls pipeline operations for the bulk transport of petroleum, in, through and out of pipeline depots.
  • Furniture Maker – cuts, shapes, assembles and finishes products such as pedestals, chairs, tables, desks, cabinets, wall units, cupboards, bookcases and parts for wooden articles.
  • Furniture Upholsterer – manufactures an upholstered furnishing item by fitting suspension and padding and covering a frame to give it shape, comfort, and functionality for a range of domestic, commercial and decorative uses.

  • Hairdresser – This reconceptualises the qualification for hairdressers as a single qualification culminating in a trade test and the recognition of qualified hairdressers as a trade person.
  • Industrial Water Plant Operator –  operates and monitors industrial plants to store  and process water including water for human consumption, industrial use, wastewater treatment and firefighting for sustainable industrial water production.
  • Industrial Water Process Controller – controls, monitors and manages industrial plants to store and process water including water for human consumption, industrial use, wastewater treatment and firefighting for sustainable industrial water production.
  • Insulation Installer –  plans and installs insulation and finishing materials in various buildings and industrial applications to maximise energy efficiency by controlling the effects of heat, cold, air, sound and moisture in accordance with the legislative requirements and/or specifications.
  • Maritime Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator – directs, organises and manages search-and-rescue operations within rescue regions.
  • Master Insulation Electrician – verifies and certifies the construction, testing, and inspection of any electrical installation in a hazardous area to ensure compliance with the Occupational, Health and Safety Act and all relevant legislation, electrical codes, standards and regulations.
  • Meteorological Technician – installs and inspects weather stations, conducts climate data checking, conducts surface and upper air observations and disseminates data into specific coded forms.
  • Production Process machine Operator and Assembler – operates and monitors and adjusts equipment to manufacture and assemble components/parts to specifications given, using applicable equipment and tools.
  • Rigger – uses basic, intermediate and advance lifting techniques to shift, lift, move, and place and secure loads at end-points, without damage. They do this by operating and supervising  a variety of mechanical lifting equipment.
  • Rolling Stock Electrical Fitter – maintains, tests, repairs, overhauls, assembles and fits electrical and mechanical parts and bodies of locomotives/motor coaches.
  • Water Liaison Practitioner – develops and implements communication strategies by relaying appropriate water-related information to internal and external stakeholders through suitable channels and platforms to promote water stewardship.
  • Water reticulation Practitioner – maintains the integrity of the portability of the water supply from the water reservoir to the household water point.
  • Wood Processing Machine Operator  –  converts logs into lumber (sawn boards) and by-products in accordance with specific clients’ requirements.

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27 new and unusual South African jobs which you could soon receive a qualification for