This Sandton workspace is a mixture of a five-star hotel and the best airport lounges – here’s how much it costs

 ·30 Aug 2018

FutureSpace, the joint venture between Investec Property and workplace specialists Giant Leap has launched its second workspace.

The new space located at 96 Rivonia Road in Sandton, offers high end shared working offices on demand – with individual offices as well as booths and open areas designed for those who don’t want the hassle and cost of signing and committing to a long-term lease.

“Since we launched FutureSpace just over a year ago, we have been inundated with demand from executives and consultants who want their own offices as well as start-ups, entrepreneurs and even global companies coming to South Africa that need to start operating quickly,” said Linda Trim, director at Giant Leap.

The group said that it has expanded the existing space, but that too has filled up.

“It’s a sure sign that South Africa continues to adopt the global trends of smart cities and on-demand services. We plan to open further offices in Johannesburg later this year and next – and possibly also in other business centres around the country.”

Arbitration Centre

The new FutureSpace office also houses the country’s first International Arbitration Centre.

In December 2017, South Africa adopted The International Arbitration Act for the first time.

The Act incorporates into law in South Africa the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Model Law. This means SA can now host arbitration hearings when previously companies had to head to Europe.

The new centre has been designed only for arbitration and it mirrors best in class arbitration deign facilities overseas.

“By providing a neutral, independent, specially designed facilities for the global business community, the FutureSpace International Arbitration Centre will help solve some of South Africa’s most difficult litigation locally meaning it will be cheaper and quicker,” said Trim.

Growing demand

Trim noted that the success of FutureSpace was in line with global trends away from ownership and towards instant access.

Instead of owning everything people, want to access to whatever they need and they want to now, she said.

Instead of having an expensive car, many people call an Uber when they want to travel. Instead of having a holiday home, people rent an Airbnb in seconds.

“Office space is no different. In major cities like London, New York, and Sydney, people book office space for only when they need it. It is a rapidly growing, extremely cost-effective trend that is now gathering pace in South Africa.”

“It can take months to find suitable offices space and just as long again to install IT services, furniture and interior design. With FutureSpace you simply book and pay for your office online – or simply walk in – and you can start working straight away. The front desk will be waiting for you,” Trim said.

Trim added that one of the things that set the new breed of shared workspaces apart is that their design is a extremely high spec.

“Our design inspiration is a mixture between a five-star hotel and the best airport lounges,” she said.

“FutureSpace offers fully-fledged offices with everything a business requires from high-speed fibre wifi, concierge, support staff to meeting rooms and video conferencing.

“There is also a gym in the building and 24-hour electronic security. Barista coffee and food is also available. Instant bookings can be made online through an online portal. Clients can book and pay for all the extra services they need.”

She added that FutureSpace offices are designed to meet different office needs with monthly pricing ranging from R3,500 to R20,000.

Shorter term rates and day rates are also available according to the company’s website.

These include:

  • Virtual office – from R30 a day
  • Membership – from R30 a day 
  • Virtual office plus – from R40 a day
  • Lounge working – from R84 a day
  • Co-working – from R117 a day
  • Private shared – from R234 a day
  • Executive – from R834 a day

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