Employers in South Africa are looking to fill these positions

 ·9 Apr 2024

Hiring activity has seen a year-on-year decline, but there are still jobs that are in high demand.

According to Pnet’s latest Job Market Trends Report, hiring activity increased from January to February 2024.

That said, hiring activity decreased by -4% compared to February 2023.

Hiring activity was also down 1% from February 2022.

Despite the year-on-drop, there are still jobs that are trending and in high demand.

Pnet said that jobs in Payroll and Wages (finance sector) are the most in-demand in the country.

This is followed by Personal assistants and Client/Customer Support, both in the Admin, Office, and Support sectors.

Nursing/Professional Care Giving (Medical and Health) and Representative/Sales Consulting (Sales) completed the top five.

Notably, besides Nursing/Professional caregiving, all of these jobs are found in sectors that have seen an uptick in remote work since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Booming Sectors

Pnet said that sector-specific activity trends provide valuable insights into the local job market and South African economy.

“Stable and increasing recruitment activity indicates confidence in the local economy and business growth,” said Pnet.

Interestingly, the three sectors that see the most demand for workers and professionals do not feature any of the top five trending jobs or could be considered sectors where work-from-home would be applicable.

The Building and Construction sector has seen a year-on-year increase of 14% in hiring activity.

In spite of the lower hiring activity in the first two months of 2024, hiring activity is still higher than a year ago.

The Architecture and Engineering sector also saw a 14% year-on-year increase in hiring activity, even if the last three months have seen a decrease.

Manufacturing and Assembly have seen a 13% increase in hiring activity over the last year.

There has been consistent hiring activity in the sector compared to a year prior – with notably evaluated recruitment activity in November last year.

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