CEO Sleepout breaks SA charity record

 ·18 Aug 2015

The recent CEO Sleepout has raised a record-breaking R26 million for charity.

The Sleepout saw 247 South African executives and business leaders spend an evening sleeping on the streets outside the JSE, with only a sleeping bag and a cardboard floor covering for comfort.

The night in question saw temperatures drop to -3 degrees.

In order to take part in the event, CEOs had to donate R100,000 to the charity Girls and Boys Town (GBT) – though some executives donated far beyond that.

Telco firm, Blue Label Telecom’s joint-CEO Brett Levy made the highest contribution of R540,000, while Paul Dunne, CEO of Northam Platinum contributed R429,900 to the cause.

Investec’s Stephen Koseff raised a further R400,500 – with all the other hundreds of contributions taking the final total to a record-breaking R26,054,869.

The final tally was affirmed by auditors, BDO SA.

See it in pictures: South Africa’s richest CEOs sleeping on the street in a cardboard box

The CEO SleepOut originated in 2006 in Sydney, Australia, by local business leader Bernard Fehon, and the concept was brought to South Africa by Ali Gregg, founder of The Philanthropic.

Gregg announced that The Philanthropic and CEO SleepOut Trust have made plans to host nationwide SleepOuts in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth in 2016.

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