Let’s Talk AI – EY’s Candice Wilson unpacks how AI is transforming cybersecurity

 ·21 Nov 2023

In this Let’s Talk AI with Michael Avery interview, Candice Wilson – EY Western Cape Consulting and Cyber Security Leader – discusses the role of AI in cybersecurity.

Wilson has led her EY cybersecurity team through a season of huge market growth while overseeing multidisciplinary projects at large retail and financial services clients.

Recently, she facilitated a simplification and modernisation programme for a large financial services organisation and a strategic organisational transformation programme for a large retailer.

Prior to her current role, she worked as the Principal of Cyber Security at Vodacom.

The interview

In the Let’s Talk AI interview, Wilson begins by explaining how EY is helping its clients use AI effectively.

She then outlines the ways in which the incorrect implementation of AI can be problematic to a business’s cybersecurity posture.

Wilson expands upon this by unpacking the biggest mistakes businesses are currently making when it comes to using AI in cybersecurity.

She concludes the interview by discussing how AI can create new jobs within the cybersecurity field.

Watch the full interview with Candice Wilson below.

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