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How much the Tesla Powerwall will cost in South Africa

How much the Tesla Powerwall will cost in South Africa

Authorised Tesla Energy reseller Rubicon has finalised the recommended retail prices of the Tesla Powerwall kits that will go on sale in South Africa.

Only Tesla-approved installers will sell and fit the kits, with the first group of South African installers set to receive their training in the coming weeks.

The kits are based on the Tesla Powerwall home battery and the StorEdge inverter system from SolarEdge.

Prices remain subject to the exchange rate of the rand against the US dollar, and exclude installation.

Installation costs will vary from home to home, and Rubicon said an energy meter may also be required for installations which do not allow feedback into the grid.

The warranty length of the major components of the kits are as follows.

  • Tesla Powerwall: 10 years
  • SolarEdge inverter: 12 years
  • Solar Panels: 25 years

Kit 1 (RUB-TES) – R116,000 excl. VAT

A basic system for an existing solar installation, or as a backup or peak power system.


Kit 2 (RUB-TES3) – R169,000 excl. VAT

A Tesla/SolarEdge package with 3kWp of solar panels.


Kit 3 (RUB-TES5) – R210,000 excl. VAT

A Tesla/SolarEdge package with 5kWp of solar panels.


Kit 4 (RUB-TES5.2) – R272,000 excl. VAT

A top-of-the-line system similar to the one above with 5kWof solar panels – but with two Tesla Powerwall units.


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  • thumper

    This is NOT rocket science or ANY different from any other supplier in the market that can provide the same or BETTER for half this price ( with the same warranties) !!!

    • James Keen

      Oh really, please link me to a 6.4kWh lithium battery from an alternative supplier?

      • Sanyok

        Google “LG Chem / Eguana Technologies AC Battery”. Eguana actually beat Tesla to actual installations in the United States but few people noticed. 🙂 I do give credit to Elon Musk for being a brilliant marketer and promoter of cleaner tech.

  • CharlieTango

    Rip off.

  • Robert Haylar

    The ‘US$3000’ battery actually costs R116,000, before tax, equal to US$7,534.
    The battery is worse than it’s cheaper competitors. From the specification and warranty
    Capacity 6.4kWh ( rated at 2kW output)
    Round trip efficiency 92.5% (rated at 2kW output)
    Power output 3.3kW
    Battery life (rated at 2kW output),,,,.don’t count on it.
    From the warranty;
    At least 85% after 2MWh total discharge or 2 years
    ending in
    At least 60% after 18MWh total discharge or 10 years. 60% = 4.83kWh

    It’s bigger and heavier than many batteries. But, it does look like an over-sized
    hand dryer, if that appeals. The comment below says it all. It’s ‘rocket science’ because Tesla say it is.

  • Seachercam2001

    wait for this…another race card for the anc and eff to pull now…only the rich can afford to have this and they will want it free they will also want 50% shares in this company…id take my company and run for the hills before they get there hands on u

    • Stefan

      I too thought this post was highly political. Well spotted.

  • clint

    Expensive, you could wire your entire house with compliance and run everything, including a fridge for R75000.

  • Mitchel clarke

    Tesla has announced special offer to its model s cars because of Chinese year git i guess its a new round turn to grab customers just checked out from there

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