Court sets aside Eskom tariff hike

 ·17 Aug 2016
Eskom broken

The High Court in Johannesburg has ruled that the National Energy Regulator must review its decision to allow Eskom to hike prices from 1 April.

This is according to a report by Bloomberg  and comes after a group of businesses argued that Eskom needed to be more open about its expenses.

The regulator granted Eskom permission in March to recoup expenses it hadn’t budgeted for in 2014 by raising tariffs by an average of 9.4%, starting 1 April.

A group of companies alleged the permission was unlawful and that Eskom must provide regular updates on its financial situation.

The court said judging price applications isn’t part of its competency and sent the decision back to the regulator.

Eskom said i a brief note on social media that it is currently studying the judgment.

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