How much more you are paying for petrol in South Africa since the start of the year

 ·30 Nov 2021

South Africans will pay more than R20 a litre for petrol from Wednesday (1 December), adding further pressure to strained finances over the holiday season.

Speaking to radio station 702, the Automobile Association’s spokesperson Layton Beard said that the latest fuel price effectively equates to a R2 increase in two months after the petrol price increased by R1.21 in November and 81 cents in December.

Beard added that the South Africans with petrol vehicles are paying R5.87 (37%) more for a litre of petrol since the start of the year.

  • Petrol 95: +37%
  • Petrol 93: +37%
  • Diesel 0.05%: +40%
  • Diesel 0.005%: +40%
  • Illuminating paraffin: +64%

“We know that salaries and wages are not keeping pace with these increases, and these increases will have a knock-on effect for all consumers,” he said.

While a large part of these increases can be attributed to taxes and other levies, at the end of the day motorists will only look at the final total and see how much more they are paying, Beard said.

He reiterated the AA’s call to change how fuel costs are calculated, including the incorporation of various levies. “We think it’s time that this happens now and consumers need to understand exactly what is being put into the fuel price so that we can look at ways that we can mitigate against those.”

The below table shows how the cost of fuel has risen in South Africa over the last year.

Month 95 Petrol 93 Petrol
January R14.86 R14.69
February R15.67 R15.50
March R16.32 R16.15
April R17.32 R17.10
May R17.23 R17.01
June R17.13 R16.91
July R17.29 R17.20
August R18.20 R18.11
September R18.34 R18.15
October R18.33 R18.11
November R19.54 R19.32
December R20.35 R20.13

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