Eskom announces load shedding for the week ahead – here’s the new schedule

 ·19 Nov 2023

Eskom has announced the load shedding schedule for the workweek ahead, with the nation experiencing load shedding from stages 1 to 3.

The embattled power utility said that stage 3 load shedding will remain in force until 05:00 on Monday, 20 November due to the shortage of generation capacity and the need to manage emergency reserves.

Stage 2 load shedding will then commence until 16:00, with stage 3 kicking off again until 05:00 on Tuesday, 21 November.

Stages 1 and 3 will then rotate in the morning and afternoon during Tuesday and Wednesday, 22 November.

The schedule can be found below:

Sunday, 19 November

  • Stage 3: 09h00 to 00h00

Monday, 20 November

  • Stage 3: 00h00 to 05h00
  • Stage 2: 05h00 to 16h00
  • Stage 3: 16h00 to 24h00

Tuesday, 21 November

  • Stage 3: 00h00 to 05h00
  • Stage 1: 05h00 to 16h00
  • Stage 3: 16h00 to 24h00

Wednesday, 22 November

  • Stage 3: 00h00 to 05h00
  • Stage 1: 05h00 to 16h00
  • Stage 3:16h00 to 00h00

Eskom said that unplanned outages are at 16,263 MW of generating capacity, which includes delays at the Lethabo Power Station. Meanwhile, the capacity out for planned maintenance is 6,606 MW.

“Approximately 3,700MW of generating capacity – roughly 4 stages of load shedding – is anticipated to return to service by Tuesday evening. Eskom teams are working tirelessly to ensure that this additional generating units are returned to service as soon as possible ,” the utility sad.

“Eskom’s load forecast for the evening peak demand is 25 523MW. We would like to thank those who do heed the call to use electricity sparingly and efficiently, including switching off geysers and pool.”

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