Seacom launches new home fibre ISP: WonderNet

Network and service provider, Seacom has launched its Internet Service Provider, WonderNet, offering fibre to the home solutions (FTTH).

The ISP will offer uncapped and unthrottled fibre products with speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

All WonderNet packages will include a standard Wi-Fi router and will be available on a month-to-month basis. There is also no fair usage policy (FUP) and no contention ratios.

Pricing for these products has not yet been announced, and Seacom said it has developed a digital platform for the ISP – which will go live in May 2020.

Seacom said that WonderNet leverages the quality of the company’s connectivity to offer consumers the capacity they need.

“By responding to the growing needs of consumers across the country, WonderNet supports homebound families with a full turnkey solution that makes things easier, faster, and more reliable,” Seacom said.

“Linked to one of Africa’s leading Internet service providers, WonderNet provides superior service and comes from a heritage of quality.”

Mobile app and digital support

Seacom said it has invested in its digital support infrastructure for WonderNet, which will provide customers with fast and efficient support.

“Consumers require a simple, fast and effective way to do business and connect themselves and more importantly, their families, with the digital world,” said Seacom head of FTTH and SME Matthew Campbell.

“Traditional methods of doing business don’t cater to the consumer anymore. This is how the WonderNet concept was born.”

“Our mobile app-driven, one touch-point architecture allows consumers to easily check their usage, invoicing, and how their order is progressing.”

This platform will also allow customers to log support tickets, perform speed tests, and access 24/7 support without the frustration of sitting on calls.

Launching in a competitive market

Seacom chief commercial officer Steve Briggs acknowledged that the fibre-to-the-home space in South Africa is competitive, but added that WonderNet’s superior customer experience and automated systems would give the new ISP an edge.

“It’s a very competitive space, but ISPs that plan to have a long-term play in FTTH will be those that offer superior customer experience and automated systems with great digital interfaces,” Briggs said.

“Importantly, we’ve invested in a digital platform, including an app, to enable a seamless self-service.”

“We want to create a great consumer product and an even better customer experience,” he said.

“WonderNet is focused on keeping things simple, while at the same time ensuring the continuity of home connectivity in South Africa.”

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Seacom launches new home fibre ISP: WonderNet