These are the most in-demand job skills in South Africa right now

CareerJunction has published its latest index for the month of March, showing what jobs and skills are in high demand right now, and what salaries are being offered for those positions.

According to the jobs portal, South Africa’s labour market is currently trending flat, with the March index settling just above the 100 mark, indicating minimal changes in the jobs market.

Month-on-month, there were no noteworthy changes in job volumes or job search activity overall, it said.

The architecture and engineering, manufacturing and assembly, finance, and building and construction sectors have seen an uptake in jobs since January 2018.

The marketing and sales sectors as well as the admin, office and support sector, on the other hand, experienced a slowing trend in hiring activity for the previous 12 months. Year-on-year, labour demand has weakened considerably in these sectors, CareerJunction said.

Trending jobs include financial analysis, cost and management accounting and human resources. Here’s what people can expect to earn in those positions:

Financial Analysis

Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions:

  • GP: R39,162 to R48,900 p.m. (CTC)
  • WC: R32,667 to R44,708 p.m. (CTC)
  • KZN: Not enough information available.

Cost & Management Accounting

Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions:

  • GP: R43,352 to R54,746 p.m. (CTC)
  • WC: R33,453 to R39,061 p.m. (CTC)
  • KZN: R37,000 to R39,132 p.m. (CTC)

Human Resources

Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions:

  • GP: R24,773 to R26,568 p.m. (CTC)
  • WC: R18,623 to R23,364 p.m. (CTC)
  • KZN: R17,125 to R18,917 p.m. (CTC)

According to CareerJunction, the three most wanted skills in South Africa at the moment are unchanged from previous months, with software developers, middle managers and financial/project accounting skills still in high demand.

Software Development remains the most sought-after skill set, with Java and C# Developers, in particular, in high demand, it said.

“Professionals in management face positive employment prospects. Finance managers, as well as sales managers, are particularly sought after. Currently, around 37% of all managerial vacancies on CareerJunction are related to financial management while about 15% are related to sales management,” the group said.

Comparing the first quarter of 2018 to the last quarter of 2017, hiring activity for candidates within the professional field of ‘financial /project accounting’ has increased by more than 19%. Despite the growing labour demand, the job market appears moderately competitive and job ads receive more than 30 applications per listing, it said.

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These are the most in-demand job skills in South Africa right now