The most popular rewards programmes in South Africa

 ·2 Jul 2018

Eighty20 and Tritech Media have published a new report looking at the impact of various rewards programmes in South Africa, including which one have the most active users.

The report is based on a consumer survey, which was completed by a total of 1,413 respondents, gauging rewards members’ perceptions of, engagement with and behaviours influenced by the various programmes.

It covered 26 of the biggest loyalty programmes out of a possible 100+ in South Africa, including the big names like eBucks, UCount, Smart Shopper, Vitality and others.

The report found that the average consumer is subscribed to about 9 different rewards programmes, covering various sectors, from retail/grocery programmes to banking rewards. While South African consumers were highly subscribed, they weren’t necessarily very active.

In determining the most successful programmes, the analysts looked at three major factors:

  • How many respondents indicated they were registered for the rewards programme;
  • How many respondents were active on the rewards programme; and
  • How the programmes changed their spending habits.

The graphs below outline activity on the major programmes covered, as well as a closer look at how the retail/grocery and banking sectors compare in terms of registered vs active users.

In the retail banking sector, while FNB’s eBucks shows activity levels not that much higher than Investec’s rewards programme, it has a very high level of subscription, compared to its competitors.

Meanwhile, the grocery/health sector has a much higher subscription rate overall, but also produces a clear winner in Pick n Pay’s Smart Shopper scheme.

According to the survey respondents, the schemes that members say give them the most value are Clicks ClubCard, Pick n Pay Smart Shopper and Dis-Chem Benefits. With the retail banking sector, the loyalty programmes that members say have an influence on their shopping behavior are Standard Bank UCount, FNB eBucks and Absa Rewards.

Changing behaviour

According to Eighty20, the self-assessment data – like behaviour changes – will always come with caveats, but still provides insight into how partnerships between brands and rewards schemes can push consumers to change their shopping habits.

“The top performing retail programmes all have strong partnerships with other programmes which are clearly helping to drive behaviour change,” the group said.

“For example, Dis-Chem Benefits is a reward partner on the Discovery Vitality, Momentum Multiply and FNB eBucks programmes. Similarly, Pick n Pay Smart Shopper has partnerships with Absa Rewards, Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply.

“Fuel retail partnerships are also likely to be a strong factor for behaviour change, particularly for banking programmes and a few retailers. Discovery Insure and Standard Bank UCount pioneered the aggressive marketing of exclusive fuel retail partnerships in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

“Since then a number of banks, retailers and airlines have emulated this approach including Clicks ClubCard and Shell, SAA Voyager and Total, Absa Rewards and Sasol, Dis-Chem Benefits and Total, Avios and BP, and Edcon Thank U and Engen.

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