South Africa is getting a new R2 coin – and its being designed by the public

 ·22 Sep 2019

The South African Mint has launched a public design competition for a new R2 coin.

The competition – which forms part of the Mint’s celebration of 25 years of democracy – will be issued in 2020 as part of South Africa’s legal tender currency.

The SA mint said that the design must be based on one of the 22 constitutional rights not currently featured on South Africa’s new R2 coins and that the obverse of the coin will feature the national coat of arms.

In addition to strict design restrictions, the mint said that there are certain characteristics which need to be managed with sensitivity and which are not considered to be suitable imagery on the national currency.

“It is important that you carefully consider this requirement and understand that a design including imagery reflecting the following aspects will not be approved,” it said.

These characteristics include:

  • Sex and nudity;
  • Violence and gore;
  • Profanity.

Design entries are set to close on 31 October 2019.  You can find out more about the competition here.

New coins

In June, the South African Reserve Bank and the Mint launched a number of new circulation coins, celebrating South Africa’s 25 years of Constitutional democracy.

The new R2 coins aim to highlight some of the rights that resonated the most with citizens surveyed in South Africa – depicting children’s rights, the right to education and environmental rights, among others.

The new R5 coin depicts the first national elections in 1994.

The SARB issues commemorative circulation coins from time to time as part of its currency production function. These coins are issued to commemorate a person or an event that has had a significant impact on society.

Such coins are always produced in large quantities and are made available and accessible to the public at face value.

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