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Business Talk – Harry Scherzer on crypto arbitrage trading with Future Forex

 ·7 Jun 2022

Harry Scherzer is the Chief Executive Officer of Future Forex.

He is a qualified actuary with a strong financial and risk management background who has capitalised on countless arbitrage opportunities over the years.

His combination of technical ability and strong interpersonal skills from his time as a Business Development Director made him the perfect co-founder of Future Forex, and this has helped him drive the business’s growth while steering the team’s focus in the right direction.

In this episode of Business Talk, Scherzer talks about Future Forex – which is an authorised FSP specifically for currency remittance services.

He explains how Future Forex generates great returns for its clients through cryptocurrency arbitrage trading, the risks involved in this form of trading, and how Future Forex limits these risks substantially.

Scherzer also explains that because Future Forex leverages a market inefficiency, fluctuations in the general prices of cryptocurrencies don’t affect its customers’ returns. This is important given the recent drop in the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

He then talks about how Future Forex ensures that all of its trades are done completely legally, and about how Future Forex doesn’t charge management fees – meaning they only make money when you do.

Scherzer concludes by explaining how listeners can begin their cryptocurrency arbitrage trading journey with Future Forex.

The full interview with Harry Scherzer can be watched below.

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