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South Africa’s military power vs the world in 2016

South Africa’s military power vs the world in 2016

Global Firepower (GFP) has compiled a list of the most powerful military forces in the world in 2016, which includes South Africa.

The list uses over 50 factors to determine a country’s Power Index score, with military data taken from the CIA World Factbook, public domain print and media sources and user contributions.

The group notes that the index is not a simple numbers game – a bigger military force doesn’t necessarily mean a more powerful militia.

The list does not take nuclear capability into account – while reliance on natural resources – in terms of use and production – is taken into account.

Similarly, while current political and military leadership is not taken into account, the current economic health of a country is.

Land-locked countries are not penalised for a lack of naval forces.

As of February 2016, the list includes 126 countries where data was available, including South Africa.

The USA, maintains its rank as the strongest military power in the world, followed by Russia, China and India. The UK rounds off the top five, with France, South Korea, Germany, Japan and Turkey filling the top 10 positions.

The top 10 countries have not changed since 2015; however there is a notable decrease in the USA total military strength in terms of land and air vehicles.

  • Biggest active military force: China
  • Biggest military reserve force: South Korea
  • Biggest land vehicle force: Russia
  • Biggest air force: USA
  • Biggest naval force: China

South Africa’s position has the 32nd largest military force in the world is also unchanged from 2015, with the only changes to the force being 435 more active frontline soldiers, and the addition of 12 more air vehicles.

Here is a table breaking down the military strength of the top 10 countries in the world, and how South Africa compares.

World’s top 10 military powers

# Country Active Frontline Reserve Land Vehicles Air Force Naval Vessels
1 United States 1 400 000 1 100 000 54 474 13 444 473
2 Russia 766 055 2 485 000 61 086 3 547 352
3 China 2 335 000 2 300 000 23 664 2 942 673
4 India 1 325 000 2 143 000 21 164 2 086 202
5 United Kingdom 150 000 182 000 6 642 879 66
6 France 205 000 195 770 7 888 1 282 113
7 South Korea 625 000 2 900 000 12 619 1 451 166
8 Germany 180 000 145 000 6 481 676 81
9 Japan 250 000 57 900 4 329 1 590 131
10 Turkey 410 500 185 630 13 849 1 007 115
32 South Africa 89 000 17 100 2 650 212 30

South Africa’s military force

South Africa’s military force is ranked as the third strongest in Africa, below Egypt (18th) and Algeria (27th), but ahead of Nigeria (41st) and Ethiopia (46th).

The country is listed as having an active military force of 89,000 personnel, with 17,100 in reserve. There are 14.2 million South Africans “fit” for service (meaning all citizens aged between 16 and 49).

The country’s military forces are broken down as follows:

Land systems 

  • Tanks: 195
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs): 2,265
  • Self-propelled Guns (SPGs): 43
  • Towed Artillery: 97
  • Multiple-Launch Rocker Systems (MLRSs): 50

Air power 

  • Fighers/Interceptors: 17
  • Fixed-wing Attack Aircraft: 17
  • Transport Aircraft: 109
  • Trainer Aircraft: 67
  • Helicopters: 96
  • Attack Helicopters: 12

Naval power 

  • Frigates: 4
  • Submarines: 3
  • Coastal Defense Craft: 26
  • Mine Warfare: 4

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    So the US could pretty much bomb everyone from the air. Oh wait too late! lol

    • Joe Soap

      Holes in the ground and then boots on the ground. They interact with foreign cultures from 30 000ft or the quiet end of a rifle scope.

  • Joe Black

    Personally I don’t think we need a massive military. I do think our military forces could be used more for civil projects and disaster management while they are on duty and not involved in any conflict. It would be a good way to keep them on their toes and get benefit.

    • Skerminkel

      They do work in peace keeping forces all over the continent a lot. That makes sense. If you want more disaster management people available, rather increase the police force. Soldiers are trained to kill. Police should protect.

      • Who am i

        Just like in CAR or DRC? we get our A$$es handed to us lol

      • Dreigorian

        They should then deploy them where there are strikes…

      • Joe Black

        Engineers are a vital part of any military force. For war time yes, but there is zero reason to not use them for civil projects.

        Just google – army military engineer natural disaster

        • Just Saying

          hahaha… yeah those three words and our military don’t really work well together. “quick precision response”… Hahaha…

          I do agree with you though that Army Engineers do a lot of important work round the world. Search something like “US Army Corps of Engineers trying to keep Mississippi River” for a good example.

  • kid black

    I wonder how much weight is given to industrial / production capacity, as most hardware in a war is usually produced while it is waging.

    And if you are at war with, say, China, then you obviously cannot buy anything made in China.

    • BrS

      The Chinese might still find a way to make and sell you products.

    • Who am i

      hey we most definitely have more weight on our side, thanks to free kfc sponsored by ANC.

  • victor lossa

    ……with ‘officers’ who borrow the regimental display medals for parades and charades…..I think….

  • RainbowMan

    These numbers don’t factor in the quality of the forces, or lack of in the case of SADF

    • Skoppienaai Sewinduit

      Yip, I’d put my money on the Marines over the Chinese troops. Same goes for their hardware. USA planes and ships are by and large superior to the Chinese.

  • NosySnoopy

    Pathetic. Then we get our backsides kicked in DRC. I would have liked to see this comparison in for the 80’s with the people and tech we had back then.

    • James Dean

      The Recces would have given the Yanks and Soviets a run for their money.

      • Who am i

        Those guys were unstoppable.. but then look at our pathetic Government now.. even our official opposition don’t have teeth, so how can our defense force even be called a defense force.

        • Dreigorian

          because we have fighter planes but no weapons…they work on scare tactics.

          • Jacques

            We have fighter planes, but no pilots, no replacement parts because no money (both were stolen), no budget for it either, it is better used for embezzlement.

        • defence farce maybe?

        • Are you sad that the current pathetic bunch did stop them then? Define “unstoppable”.

          • JP

            They were not stopped. The NP sold out the country, the SADF did not loose.

          • The economy was being flushed down the toilet, the SADF could not modernize and it was never sustainable to run a country against the wishes of 90% of the population. Possibly it is closer to true that Chase Manhattan pulled the plug than that the ANC actually beat the SADF, but it is not true that the NP “sold out the country”. 90% of the population didn’t support them (and weren’t allowed to vote). Or do you exclude them from “the country”?

          • JP

            I do not, but the government then did.As for 90% of the population not supporting them, I think it is safe to say that they would have voted yes, after all the vote was about letting them vote.
            When saying the NP sold out the country, I say this because they did not tell us the truth about the consequences of the vote, or the conditions surrounding it.
            The country was lead to believe that it would be a transitional change, which turned out not to be the case, thus when voting people thought that by voting yes, one man one vote would become a reality, but that the changes would be gradual thus the new age leaders (ie the ANC and IFP) would be slowly given power, so ensure that they knew what they were doing.
            Instead they country was just handed over by majority vote and people with no experience in running a country suddenly found themselves having to do so.

            Had things been done as the NP claimed they would these people would at least had some one to shown and teach them properly, and I very much doubt we would be in the situation we are in now.

          • The deception by the NP was that it was possible to do this so late in the day. Had they negotiated with the ANC a lot earlier, your scenario may have worked out. Also remember the GNU at the start. I suspect the NP withdrew in 1996 in the false hope that as an opposition party they would win more votes.

            In any case unless you have a time machine we can’t go back and change any of this – we can only make the best of where we are now. And for me, that is mostly not working with politicians but ordinary people who want things to be better.

          • JP

            Yes it seam that the only people who actually want the country to reach its full potential are the normal citizens, whilst all the politicians are going out of their way to destroy it whilst making sure we, the citizens, never work together.

          • Start local. We have Whatsapp groups doing neighbourhood watch, community groups that clean up trash and others investing in making old buildings look good.

            We need to get rid of the attitude that the politicians are the only ones who can get stuff done. Even in a more normal society it doesn’t work that way. Check out what we are doing here:

  • Anonymous

    Ag asb daai stats is verkeerd ons baie laer op rakings, Zimbabwe kan ons oor vat as hulle wil….En waar was ons in die ou Suid Afrika gewees?Van die beste in die wereld gewees. Die ouens wat die land gaan beskerm is die boere, hulle het meer gewere as die weermag….

    • Who am i

      Stem saam. Ek skrik meer vir die boere as ons weermag.

  • James Dean

    We better not pick any fights.

  • Dreigorian

    They did not count all the spears we have and animal leather worriers…haha primitive country this is.

  • CypherGate

    With our military… almost any 1st world country can swoop in and take over.

    • Barry Bolton

      We can only hope that this will happen

      • CypherGate

        I know right? Hmmmm… what country would you like to have take over this country?

        • Barry Bolton

          Any first world country that speaks English

        • BloodSteyn

          China is slowly buying up our government and country… so, who likes Chinese food?

        • Who am i

          Uk or USA

    • GrimmyGrimReaper

      Said it before… I reckon all you need is a crazy bunch with a decent tank and a [email protected] load of ammo to overthrow the government

  • Barry Bolton

    Did they mention in what state of readiness our army and equipment is.

    • Who am i

      Its in a state.. but not in readiness.. rather in a state of decay.

  • bengine

    Yay we have a bunch of overpriced killing machines – without the people who know how to use them.
    Don’t you just love where we are as a civilisation where we measure the size of nations killing power.
    Anyone else getting tired of wealth interest backed military dictating how we live our lives?

  • straight8

    I notice that if China and Russia ally, the US has had it. I also notice that I am not fit for service.

    • Wollie Verstege

      Yes, maybe, but then who will the US ally with?
      You have to factor the NATO alliance into your argument.

  • Skoppienaai Sewinduit

    China may have more naval vessels, but they are inferior to the US vessels by a big margin I think. They’ve only just started testing their aircraft carriers.

    • Wollie Verstege

      Very true, I don’t think this included the fighting capability of the various machines.
      1 Carrier battle group could probably sink the entire Indian navy and shoot down half its air force 🙂

    • Who am i

      I maintain that US has more military clout than any other nation, their economy is driven by war and as such its soul focus is war.

  • Ray Mulder

    Just think what each country could do, with the money they spend on defence, for it’s people if we could eliminate hatred and power hungry nations.

    • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

      I am with you there Mulder! The Western greed is the threat! They want to own everything!

      • Arthur

        Unlike the Chinese in the Spratly Islands. Or the Russians in Ukraine or the Baltic States.

        • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

          or the British in he Falklands and Americans in Hawaii, Philippines, Cuba etc.

          • Arthur

            The Americans own the Philippines, Cuba etc? That is news to to me. Has something changed in the world recently? Who should own Hawaii?

          • Mikhael Rowe


          • If no on wants Hawaii, I’ll take it. Thanks.

          • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

            Native Hawaiians. Full Stop!

            The have bases there, dumbo!

          • Arthur

            Maybe after the US vacates the island as one of its 50 states and ends its Federal Support programmes, China would like to extend its own zone of influence.

          • Arthur

            How about the Tibetans owning Tibet, with the Dalai Lama free to visit whom he wants?

          • DunsScotus

            I’m having fun noting down how quickly discussion brings in the armchair category of politically correct fantasy. It’s a loser’s option. Realists stick to realpolitik. It’s how the world works.

          • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

            You must be in Planet Maimane

          • DunsScotus

            “Us” and “them”. Same logic

        • Ray Mulder

          Or the British in Australia, or the White Bastards in America 🙂

      • Dreigorian

        no as far as I understand africa wants everything….for free.

      • In the US, Republican presidential wannabees are trying to outdo themselves on how they will “Make Amurrica Strong Again” when the US outspends the NEXT SEVEN biggest-spending countries on their military.

    • Dreigorian

      Funny you should say something like that, since war have provided a lot of technologies that would not have been invented without war…go figure

      • Ray Mulder

        There is not one thing invented for war that is needed by humanity to exist quite happily.
        A lot of war objects and equipment is a result of technology been re-engineered to find and kill people… others are designed purely to kill people with.
        The airplane was invented to transport people until they added guns and bombs.

        Go figure 🙂

        • Loman

          Hunting would not be the same today if it weren’t for the rifle scopes invented for war.

          I’m sure some professional hunters might say they can’t “exist happily” with iron sights.

          • Ray Mulder

            We’re in the 21st century now…and if we never had rifles we would find better ways to hunt and kill animals for food.
            If you are a good hunter you do not need a scope neither. Scopes are an example of unfair hunting…I lived on a farm and we never ever needed scopes…you either see it or you don’t

          • Loman

            I grew up on a farm myself. One thing any hunter would tell you is good clean kills are preferred.

            Anything that helps you accomplish that better is a good thing.

          • Ray Mulder

            Depends how good a shot the hunter is. A bad shot needs help with the same thing that snipers use to kill people…

          • Loman

            Since you are opposed to all advances that took place as the result of war / military should I assume that you still use a bow and arrow when you go hunting? or maybe a black powder rifle?

            Modern smokeless cartridges were invented so that enemy won’t see where the fire came from.

          • Jacques

            Come on Ray, at least admit there is nothing more satisfying than the face of a nice fat-ass baboon in a well adjusted scope! (no reference is made in this comment to any country or politicians).

          • Ray Mulder

            Give me a break please 🙂
            I am merely stating that we could live quite happily without anything that was a spinoff of war technology.

          • Jacques

            After such a successful hunting trip, you surely deserve a break.

          • Skoppienaai Sewinduit

            Then do some research Ray, go through your house, research every item and its origins, figure out if any part of it came from a technology that was developed or reached maturity as a result of conflict, and then get rid of it, and live “quite happily without it”. But FFS stop preaching at the rest of us who don’t have broomsticks shoved up our a$$es.

        • RSF

          What about stainless steel? Invented in 1913 in response to a need by the British military for a better metal for gun barrels?
          What about pilot radio communications developed for WW1 pilots?
          Pressurized aircraft cabins were made mainstream in WW2 with the B-29 Superfortress.
          Superglue (cyanoacrylate) was developed in WW2 – more accidental though as it was intended for gun sites but became useful for sticking almost anything together, including fixing (smaller) wounds.

          War isn’t good, but to claim it’s not resulted in innovation that have benefits beyond what was initially intended is just wrong.

          • Ray Mulder

            Stainless steel was been researched way before the gun barrel story.
            “It wasn’t until 1895, when Hans Goldschmidt of Germany developed the aluminothermic reduction process for producing carbon-free chromium, that development of stainless steels became a reality.”

            Radio was developed before WW1…in fact in 1895 by Marconi. Pilot radio is simply an application.

            And on and on…not one thing you can find is necessary for life.

            And read my post again:
            “There is not one thing invented for war that is needed by humanity to exist quite happily.”
            We can live quite happily without anything you mentioned…and if we had needed it it would not take a war to invent it.
            necessity is the mother of invention.

          • RSF

            It’s largely immaterial whether it was specifically invented for war, what matters is that war largely drove the adoption and implementation of the technology.

            I’m well aware radio was invented earlier, but it was only applied to aircraft comms during WW2 in response to a pressing need for pilot comms.

            Similar is true for stainless steel: there was a military need that drove its use and adoption.

            Similar for pressurized aircraft cabins: there were earlier prototypes but a military need drove implementation and adoption. If you feel that you can exist quite happily flying in unpressurized aircraft then good luck if you ever need to fly any sort of real distance. You either haven’t flown in an unpressurized cabin aircraft or not flown very far. I know which plan I’d prefer for my next intercontinental flight.

            How about things like EpiPens? Derived from a military device designed to protect soldiers from chemical weapons? I’m sure there are a few people who’ve had serious allergic reactions who’d dispute that they could live happily without them.

            There are literally millions of things invented in and out of war that we can live without. That doesn’t mean we should and it doesn’t mean that they don’t add value. If you want to live without them then that’s your choice and good on you. I’d rather embrace the good that they bring.

          • Ray Mulder

            You are missing the point entirely…I said…
            “There is not one thing invented for war that is needed by humanity to exist quite happily.”

          • RSF

            Well there are many things that fall into that category, war or not. Although I’d argue that the EpiPen is a perfectly good example against your premise. We could also live without duct tape (also invented for war: to seal ammunition cases in WW2), but it adds plenty of value. We could also live without the internet (which also has somewhat of a military background) – are you going to give it up?

          • Ray Mulder

            Everything is relative to the needs and desires of each individual. One person may like this, another that.
            I grew up before the internet and we all lived quite comfortably because that is the way it was. Yes life evolves and humans create as things become necessary and there is a market.
            War systems became a requirement because of the barbaric state of people…hopefully we will grow out of this state one day.
            Anywhere were humans focus is potentially a creative environment, it’s just a pity one of them had to be killing one another.
            So for me there is no war technology spin-off which I could not live without.

          • Cobus Janse van Rensburg

            Hope not I make my living from war and the military industry so humans beings what they are lets hope they stay the same because business is good thank you homo sapiens sapiens for being the destructive beings you are

          • des

            ray get off the net and stop drinking !

          • Louis P

            I wish it wasn’t so but you can’t argue with the facts. Look at how Israel is dominating technology development, only because they constantly have to invent ways of defending themselves.

            The end of World War Two opened up new possibilities in surfboard design. Many new materials had become available through advances in technology during the war. Fibreglass was the most significant of these, also there was plastics and styrofoam.

          • Louis P

            Also thanks to war, fibreglass surfboards was invented. It contributes to my happiness daily.

            The end of World War Two opened up new possibilities in surfboard design. Many new materials had become available through advances in technology during the war. Fibreglass was the most significant of these, also there was plastics and styrofoam. The first fibreglass board was built by a man named Pete Peterson in 1946, this surfboard was a hollow plastic mould, with a redwood stringer (a piece of wood running down the centre of the surfboard) and sealed with fibreglass tape

          • RSF

            Thanks – never new that!

            War is a pretty bad thing but military requirements definitely do push innovation and have some positive outcomes – often unintended – for a lot of people. Some may not agree, but that’s just their right to their own opinion. Unfortunately I can’t argue that war doesn’t have a lot of negative repercussions for a lot of people too. Like many things in life, it’s not simple “black and white” but often a lot of grey.

          • Progressive Pariah

            There is an interesting book by Ian Morris called “War, What is it Good For?”

          • RSF

            Thanks for the reference – looks very interesting. It’s now on my birthday wishlist for later this year.

        • Dreigorian

          I’m sorry Ray, get a brain, and go figure..

        • Cobus Janse van Rensburg

          Clearly you have no concept of history the need for an aerial weapons platform existed since the 1500 so yes the need arises from a battle requirement not to transport people seems you arguments are a bit emotionally based sorry bud war is bad but good for business and innovation and business is very good sorry for civilians caught in the middle

  • rob.jetikons

    South African Military Farce.

    • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

      That was the SADF, die fence force led by Gen Viljoen. Lost in Bop, nogal!

      They got a big klap from the Bophuthatswana renegade police force.

      • Scyllanick

        still better than the joke it is now. I do business with the SANDF and know first hand the utter collapse that it is on the brink of.
        When the Catering department cannot even supply bread and milk “until the new financial year” to its barracks, When we have the SAS Spionkop stuck in India because there is no money to refuel it to bring it home, when their technical staff are being laid off due to budget constraints, when they cannot install burglar bars in the torpedo maintenance site because there is no budget for fasteners, when most of the troops are so fat that they cant even walk without breaking into a sweat, when the machine shops are standing empty because there is no staff or materials etc, etc, etc. but always money for political projects, retirement parties, large funerals.
        We would only notice foreign troops in our country when their tanks roll down Adderly street.

        • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

          I agree, they were a big joke! Even Eugene Terblanche thought so!

          • Barry Bolton

            But they were under new managment when they got klaped nogal

      • Fanandala

        There was no SADF fighting in Bophuthatswana. Shooting defenseless people in their cars is common in SA.

        • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

          They were shooting from their cars! A cream Mercedes Benz. Pathetic. They got what they were looking for!

      • Pieter Vorster

        The SADF never lost even one battle.

        • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

          Cuito Canavale!

      • mv

        Not strong on facts, are you (regarding the Bop episode)? Rather than making a fool of yourself, go look up newspaper reports of that time to get the true picture.

        And although I embrace the new South Africa, there is no denying that the present defence force is but a shadow of the disciplined, capable force of a few decades ago.

        • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

          we have a protection force now, not cross border rapists, terrorists and child murderers who were the SADF.

      • rob.jetikons

        Haha that’s funny…I was driving a Ratel 60 and participated in the operation….you are thinking of that Dumbass AWB guys that drove in with their Mercedes while taking pot shots at Civilians next to the road…

        • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

          They were soldiers the 777 army, 666’s neighbour

  • Gary Fields

    er… I think these numbers are highly inflated. We have 195 tanks? last I spoke to a member of the armored brigade he intimated that we have maybe 24 functional outdated tanks. I’ll wager most of our ‘military might’ is dysfunctional.

  • Solly Dawood

    who the f….. are we going to fight…… we probably swapped our ammo for some KFC

  • GrimmyGrimReaper

    pfft it’s either all broken, or no one to operate, or riddled with aids

  • Deon Labuschagne

    We 32nd on the list DOWN how many places in the last 10 – 20 years? Thats what i would like to know. Seeing as everything is this country is going for a ball of S_it. Also everyone in our army has AIDS (or almost everyone). How does that help? Are they going run into battle with a glass of water and ARV pills in their hands.
    The number of soldiers does not mean they capable, trained, FIT, soldiers that can protect us. No they all there just a taxpayers burden. Look at the state of the military bases. dirty overgrown, unmaintained, no respect. some bases use the ground to park busses? What! Ja use military ground as a parking lot WHAT A JOKE.

    There has been many instances where the army could have helped keep order eg. farm murders, every-time the ANC and EEF march (they break and steal). these unruly students that UCT / US / UWC . The presence of the army alone would help allot. But sitting a fat behinds getting a pay check is much nicer.

    • John Deer

      And check, 95% are all OVERWEIGHT making the S A Defence Service the HEAVIEST defence in the World with the least members. MUST be some Record.?? Guinness Book of Records Perhaps.??

      • Dreigorian

        Haha, instead of tanks they’ll have kfc scooters….hahahaha

      • Mamparra

        Well, watching them trying to labour around the Southern Peninsula once or twice a year on their run/walk/crawl exercise (whatever it is – never properly found out but it’s defence force people from all over the country) you’re totally right. Gives Joe Black’s comment above about countries ‘not needing a massive military’ a whole new meaning.

  • MasterZu

    USA only good at wars from the air……ha ha ha….cannot win ground battles.

    • Dreigorian

      you get that info from where? mr thumb?

  • Who am i

    After all the money we spent.. what a waste. it would have been better to have done some job creation or education funding.

    • Dreigorian

      Where do you get your info, even with all that money spend (fraud) we still have no defense, we can’t even defend our self’s in our own homes.

  • Dreigorian

    Don’t know why the deleted my comment about the counting of our other warriors clothed in animal skin and given tha spear as weapon…

  • The Fly

    Bwhaha, We are in serious need of a navy

  • Scum_Bag_Zuma

    Those numbers don’t show the sorry state of SA’s defence force.

  • Jacques

    I read the entire article and came to understand, the USA is mighty and shoot from the sky – but buildings don’t shoot back.
    Oh then China – it is so over populated it can take over Africa by just walking into it, nothing needed and there is not enough ammunition on the entire continent to stop such an invasion.
    Russia, didn’t you release the other 60% of data to the mighty CIA? In 1943 you called up a reserve of 60,000 000 to run all over Korea, Japan, Austria and Germany. You laughed at the mediocre attempts of the US and Britain – I believe you can still do!
    Oh South Africa! just one Russian/USA naval carrier is bigger than the totality of “Armed Force” this country can muster, including reserves! Have a great nightmare SAAF! Hope to God you never get your aids ridden fat asses against a properly trained squad!

  • JP

    There are 14.2 million South Africans “fit” for service (meaning all citizens aged between 16 and 49).

    Slight correction people not all of these people can be used for military service, any member of the SADF has a contract that clearly states his term of service as being 720 days continous service ( called national service) plus a further 1460 days of call ups between NS and age 65 (or camps as they were called.) Time spent as PF or even extended national service (ie force number ending in PF or PO) count towards this 1460 days, thus a person who did his two years, plus a further 2 years as PO, only owes the state 720 days, or if you did your NS and spent 4 years as PF you owe the state nothing and can no longer be called up, any service after this is purely voluntary.

  • JP

    Lets get these numbers correct shall we……..

    Land systems
    Tanks: 195 (only 85 are fully opperational)
    Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs): 2,265 (less than 50% are fully opperational)
    Self-propelled Guns (SPGs): 43 (anyone know how many of these actually work?)
    Towed Artillery: 97 (anyone know how many of these actually work?)
    Multiple-Launch Rocker Systems (MLRSs): 50 (anyone know how many of these actually work?)

    Air power
    Fighers/Interceptors: 17 (at last count only 12 were operational)
    Fixed-wing Attack Aircraft: 17
    Transport Aircraft: 109 (unknown how many actually work)
    Trainer Aircraft: 67(unknown how many actually work)
    Helicopters: 96(unknown how many actually work)

    Attack Helicopters: 12(unknown how many actually work though its is less than 8 as of 2012)

    Naval power

    Frigates: 4 (three are moth balled in fact two have done absolutely nothing but rust in the harbour since they were bought by the cANCer they are nothing but empty shells go look in Simonstown you will see one there)
    Submarines: 3 (2 are moth balled)
    Coastal Defense Craft: 26 (18 are moth balled)
    Mine Warfare: 4 (these are from the 1940s and no longer sea worthy)

    Now if they were to work with the actual figures I wonder where SA would rank in the list probably number 120

  • Roy Batty

    War is a Racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. It has been estimated by statisticians and economists that the war yielded $16 Trillion in Profits That is how the 21,000 Billionaires and millionaires got that way. This $16 Trillion in Profits is not to be sneezed at. It is quite a tidy sum.

    -Smedley Darlington Butler was a United States Marine Corps major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S.

  • des

    LIES AND MORE LIES !!! ALL IS BROKEN AND NO MONEY TO FIX OR TRAIN ! . this is total bullshit in 1994 we had the strongest army in AFRICA with a nuke ability and now we are a banana army ! Blame the ANC and please why did you assholes get rid of 32, 31 and Koevoet we could have killed all the poachers in the country and stopped the border crossings. And had the best African fast reaction force ever. 32 alone had 25 years combat experience !! We could wipe out the problems in the DRC in two weeks ! Assholes !!!

  • Frank Payne

    And none of the submarines is fully operational, if at all. What a waste of capital.

  • Senyi Wabe

    WTH who write this, South Africa is on number 15 only on Africa how number 32 in the world .
    3) ……………………………………15)South Africa

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