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Most expensive schools in South Africa in 2015

Most expensive schools in South Africa in 2015

South Africa’s most expensive schools have adjusted their fee structures for 2015, and are now more expensive than ever.

With an annual fee of R219,500, Hilton College in Kwa-Zulu Natal remains South Africa’s most expensive private school.

This reflects a 5% increase on 2014’s fees (R209,000) and is below the national CPI of 5.8%.

South Africa’s second most expensive school, MichaelHouse, has joined Hilton as one of the only two schools in the country that has an annual fee exceeding R200,000 per student.

The fees listed below are what parents can expect to pay for a full senior year at some of South Africa’s most elite private schools, including boarding, at 2015 rates.

In light of the recent announcement of matric results for 2014 (both NSC and IEB), it may be pertinent to note that every school listed below achieved a grade 12 pass rate of 100%.

More notably, the schools also achieved a bachelor pass rate (qualifying to study towards a degree) between 83% and 100%, averaging 96% amongst the schools analysed.

Most expensive schools in SA (2015)

School Annual Fee (Board)
Annual Fee (Day)
Hilton College R219 500 N/A
MichaelHouse R208 320 N/A
St Andrews College R199 140 R88 950
Roedean School for Girls R196 539 R107 670
Kearsney College R195 800 R134 800
St Johns R194 231 R115 067
St Andrew’s School for Girls R189 830 R102 400
St Martins R184 460 R112 000
Bishops R184 120 R105 520
St Stithians R181 693 R104 770
St Mary’s School Waverly R181 900 R100 650
St Alban’s College R181 000 R102 900
St Mary’s School for Girls R173 700 R92 450
Diocesan School for Girls Grahamstown R171 810 R86 100
Kingswood College R171 030 R89 550
St Mary’s DSG R166 155 R90 630
St Cyprians R159 774 R83 974
Herschel Girls’ School R157 560 R78 960
The Wykeham Collegiate R154 820 R83 500
Treverton College R149 800 R72 800
Bridge House R149 490 R81 680
St Charles (PMB) R142 900 R75 700

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  • Macafrican

    R100k excluding boarding fees to receive a state senior certificate instead of IEB. Are Bishops parents soft in the head??

    • wo0two0t1

      FYI 100k for someone who can afford it is nothing.

      • beetle

        I think you are missing his point.

        • wo0two0t1

          The actual education from these schools is far more important that the actual certificate and it gives kids a way way better head start when it comes to Uni than most other schools plus the facilities at Bishops are some of the best. What is his point – that parents who send their kids to Bishops are “soft in the head” because they can afford it – lame… I have never seen an employer check a SC or ask for an IEB ever.

      • BlueMeany

        I find your answer a bit puzzling & what about R 1 Million for someone who can afford it?
        Is that something?

        • wo0two0t1

          Its not that complicated and its a choice.
          “It is completely irrelevant because anyone who can’t afford it won’t be there.” – heard of a bursary and whats your point/relevance? How can one be “soft in the head” if you spend R100k on education without it affecting you financially for a good education for your family?
          Studying the correct answers in school isn’t everything you need in life unless you’re a sheep – knowing how to use your logic, initiative and communication skills is far more important in life and that you learn in school not “National Tests” in my opinion and especially here in SA.

    • Jozey

      but all schools both private and public get the state senior certificate and no longer the IEB, move started taking place in 2008

      • Macafrican

        “and no longer the IEB”

        Not correct, several on that list only present the IEB syllabus and only write IEB exams. You get a national senior certificate because the IEB exam is accredited

        Bishops does NOT write the IEB exam – not sure which others on list also do not.

        • Jozey

          yes thats what i meant, you right an IEB exam but at the end of the day your office matric certificate will look the same as every one elses, i had assumed IED had their own separate certificate that one gets after completing matric

          • Macafrican

            You receive a document issued by the IEB

            My point re R100k Bishops was that people must be crazy to pay that much for a normal syllabus and normal exam. Normally I’d expect an argument for paying more for a superior academic experience

            It’d be interesting to know what % of the cabinet, parliament, directors general and deputy directors general that have kids at high school have their kids at one of the schools on the list

          • PietSkiet

            You get your certificate at the end no matter how you did.

            Don’t you know that money buys everything?

            So many top people in this world didn’t even pass matric. Who really needs a piece of paper? Only those who “honestly” try and conform to the corrupt way of being better than someone else to get more money and buy an easier (supposed) enslaved life.

          • Mate to receive a Bishops education is a privilege and the boys understand that. Regardless of the certificate(IEB or state issued) the boys are taught by an incredibly and unbelievably qualified bunch of professionals. Its not about the material it’s how the boys are taught the material and how they respond to it .The facilities are beyond compare to most schools in the country.

          • Macafrican

            Well old boy, in the good old days you chaps took and wrote the independent version. Then you switched. Much much better to have lots and lots of 90% outcomes and anyway: why run when you can walk?

          • Christopher Rhode

            Why then are Bishops boys still getting into Ivy Legaue Universities ie. Harvard Law… Which means they are writing SATS and still doing exceptional in those which you probably don’t know but are what you need to write to get into any American University and Bishops offers the boys the chance to write those and A-levels.

          • Macafrican

            You’re right : the government syllabus is far superior and their exams far tougher, which is why Bishops chose it. Must be, why else???

          • Christopher Rhode

            It’s obviously not however how can you question it when they still produce exceptional young men.

          • Macafrican

            There are tiny disadvantaged rural schools that also produce exceptional young men; it is the nature of exceptional young men to excel regardless of their environment. The issue is why set a lower hurdle? Plse give an answer.

            I suspect the answer lies in the median outcome that the school wants to portray. I know three university faculty heads that privately admit they discount state results between 10 and 15% relative to IEB and that their graduation rate for IEB students is several factors higher.

            if not obvious, yes my kids did IEB

      • Peter Storbeck

        Wrong, my kids school is still on IEB. Part of the reason they are still there.

    • Ne3M

      And good private school in NYC is $100k 😛

    • The Spark

      Well it is the Southern Surburbs after all.

      Pretty much all soft in the head there.

    • Private

      Perhaps read the official comment:

      Bishops is more than just exams and pass rates and the return on investment can not be accounted for in monetary terms.

      • Macafrican

        It’s a year later!

        Simple: why NOT combine traditional buggering and all that with a proper academic evaluation? Too high a hurdle?

        I suppose StJ and MHouse and Hilton etc have it all wrong

  • FormerBBuser

    There are a few decent traditional English-speaking government high schools out there. Primary schools are more of a problem.

    • Douglas

      King Edward VII Preparatory School, the primary school of the renowned King Edward VII School, is a truly excellent school. These schools are as good as any private school in the country.

  • Danvol

    This is an old post. Just make sure the prices are correct, as I did research from this list last year already.

    And to add, some private schools have their own exams as well. And even if they are all receiving the same certificate, going to private school can give you more activities after school, their pass rate is higher almost 100% every year. It is safer for the kids in South Africa, and so much more.

    • PietSkiet

      Let me guess – Christian or Muslim or some religion based (private) school?

      The moment it is “private”, makes it go against any religion that is love based. Upper class can financially afford to set themselves apart from the poor and thus are the filth that call themselves people of GOD. Selfishness and greed causes no love to flourish, but rather the opposite.

      And to take this to the ultimate point of discussion – who needs to be taught anything anyway? We are all born with all we ever need to flourish in a society, but we obviously need to be “schooled” to survive in slavery.

      So who can pay the most money to have the easiest life in the slaughterhouse? Oh, you can, you the mthfkr that takes my TAX money and buy your easy life instead of helping everyone have it easier.

      Every cent you have more than the person next to you makes you a killer and a thief !

      • silvaring

        “schooled to survive in slavery” Eloquently put, true for most.

      • Kefmoth

        Pietskiet, you’re crazy… But so SO right… Everyday we perpetuate the slavery. Big ups to your sister for breaking away from the mould. I imagine an off grid existence with nostalgia. Sigh… If only… But for now… ” Little Boxes… On the hillside”

  • PietSkiet

    …and what for? For brainwashing you little sheep? Is this a school for the Elite? I don’t think so, because the Elite does not teach their children the crap that is in the curriculum.
    …and they end up with a piece of paper certifying them to get a job that pays more?
    Or become a CEO or higher up the rank of the corporate slavepen – also going to work everyday in better cars and having a nice house instead of living off the bare necessities, also paying for the next season’s survival…

    All of this is bullshit.

    My sister is successfully home schooling her kids. They learn more truth than what kids in schools will learn their whole life. Their get proper protection from all the filth in this world, understanding to discern and deal with the filth that is unpreventable. They get rewarded by their parents and keep a tight bond – they way it should be. Why do you think kids become rebellious and disconnected from their parents at teenager stage? Because of the brainwashing in schools – instilling competition and “survival of the fittest”.

    And people pay that much to screw up their kids life (merely to conform to this Fdup way defined as LIFE).

    Like sheep and goats to the slaughter.

    • Huh??

      Pietskiet, I guess you can’t afford to send your kids to a good school…

    • Hmmmmmm

      Wow. Bitter much??

  • Andy Innes

    Take away the boarding rates, only examine the day rates and this list would have a few changes. There are several schools in Jhb alone with day rates bordering on R100k.

    • Agreed. Crawford College, for instance, would appear in the 2nd half of the list.

      • Andy Innes

        Crawford, Dainfern, Heronbridge, the international school, etc. etc.

  • Angel

    It’s really surprising how education is so expensive in South Africa. Here in Germany we pay nothing. Why the education cannot be improved in the government schools? Ja, ANC corrupted…of course nothing will ever change. It’s a pity when poor couples want to have kids. No wonder why there are lot of tsotsis and prostitution in the country. Zuma and his team should be ashamed for being egoists, only thinking of themselves.

  • silvaring

    Yet I just went to a school this week where the yearly fee’s were R4000. The discrepancy between that and the upper tier is a disgrace… There’s no way that the education in St Johns is 25x better than a lower income government school, the maths just doesn’t add up. Maybe 5x better possibly, but certainly not 25x. You could probably actually get a good home schooling system set up for about R20 000 a year…and besides saving about R80 000 a year you’d also avoid all the other pitfalls of private school systems, which are terrible at 1 on 1 student feedback and still stick to that ‘class’ system of teaching.

  • Girl

    Durban girls college was left out –

    • Girl

      R83940 per year, R149740 boarding per year

  • Yusrah

    Crawford no make it, but its okayy :’)


    My 2 kids go to a simple non fancy Private school in Europe and it cost almost €20000 per year. plus €2000 for books and €3000 for sports clubs and language lessons. But its my choice and i am lucky to be able to afford it.

  • Derrick Dheygy Oni

    How about Reddam In Bedford, JHB… hello?

  • Jon Low

    Private schools are like Ferraris or Bentleys — they’re only meant for the really rich. No point envying their owners. Your Toyota will take you anywhere that Bentley will and lots of places the Ferrari can’t reach. You’ve bought a car for transportation; they’ve bought it to display their financial tail-feathers which are far bigger than yours.

  • Mbumbu

    It’s sad that most of the kids that go to these school suffer immensely in Varsity because they are used to being mothered and spoon fed – no one does that for you in Varsity!

    Yes, I know the benefits of networking are far more greater than graduating – I mean who needs a degree when you can drop a name?

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