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Help me sue Eskom

Help me sue Eskom

A disgruntled South African is so fed up with Eskom, that he has started a crowd sourcing initiative to take the power utility to court.

Oliver Coull said he started Court Ally, a ‘crowd funding justice’ website, in order to collect enough funds to take Eskom to court and break up its monopoly.

Coull said that in 2008 already, Eskom knew it would face a power crisis. “Yet 8 years later we are sitting in a worse situation with load shedding scheduled for the foreseeable future.”

“If they have done nothing in the past 8 years, are we really going to believe them this time round?”

Having launched the site earlier this week, he hopes to raise R2 million.

Coull is calling for a change. “Eskom needs to be partially broken up to allow greener energy producers into the market or at the very least open the grid up so anyone can feed back into it.”

“We will then be able to choose the energy companies we use, from 100% renewable energy producers to Eskom style inefficient diesel guzzling.”

“With new plans for this with their crazy R1 trillion dodgy nuclear deal, 16% increase per year, rolling black outs, R140 billion losses to our economy predicted for 2015… It’s clear we need an alternative to Eskom,” Coull said.

He said that he aims to collect funds to take Eskom to court either to a) break-up their monopoly, b) allow private energy producers into the market c) Open up the grid so everyone can feed back into it.

All funds collected go into a specified Attorney Trust account with the condition to be only used for this specific purpose, Coull said.  “If the case doesn’t go to court we will refund your money.”

“Our South African constitution permits anyone to use the courts but ultimately funding determines the access. So this platform is for people who are worried about how their money is being spent.”

With rolling blackouts expected to continue for the remainder of the summer, It was reported that a total of 15,467MW of Eskom’s generation capacity was off-line on Wednesday, constituting an unprecedented almost 36% of Eskom’s 43,000MW installed capacity.

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  • StewartR3

    I don’t feel that there is enough thought/effort put into what exactly he is going to sue them for and what he intends to actually do if he wins. So far it’s all very high level and not very convincing. I mean, does he actually have a strong case? Has he consulted with lawyers? An actual well thought out plan presented in a easy to understand manner will help convince people to part with their money.

    He should probably have broken this funding up into 2 phases. First a much smaller campaign to raise funds just to consult lawyers and put a plan together, to see what can be done. Then with the success of that campaign and armed with actual facts he can launch the full R2 million lawsuit campaign.

  • Richard Davies

    I guess the best approach is to sue in the constitutional court that Eskom is somehow discriminating against people… Their monopoly should not be breaking the constitution etc. etc. Any lawyers around in these forums who could give some other areas that Eskom should not rightly have a monopoly and should be split up (to grid vs. generation)

  • Johannes

    At least someone is doing something about it. This is a chance for all people who are complaining to be part of it. I support this.

  • Marc

    Aren’t monopolies illegal? Don’t we have a bill of rights? If someone (eskom) is making you (everyone) lose lots of money, there are laws protecting us against that no matter who they are…

    I think its a great idea…

    • Xileer

      If anything, stuff that undercuts existing things are illegal. If you want to compete against a major company with significantly cheaper prices, you can actually be denied due to the loss of jobs and the likes.

      South Africa runs on inefficiency – If that inefficiency is caused by a giant monopoly, then the people who’re meant to protect you are perfectly happy with that.

  • Nextlevel

    I’ll put money here, and so should the rest of you cos the da great at big talking but are unable to get much practical results. Imagine R200 x the number of dissatisfied people wanting change!

  • SkramrOx

    I just cannot bring myself to fund something that has an opening sentance: “In 2008 Eskom knew they HAS a problem.” Sounds like this oke HAS like to be going back to school.

    • Xileer

      How about

      “in 2008 already…” “Yet 8 years later we”

      The author thinks that it’s 2016 already 🙂

      • Marco Chapio

        Power shedding was in 2007/2008 so yes it is 8 years ago …
        You guys are very critical against someone that is being selfless and putting his neck on the line for the sake of everyone else … Instead of looking for a spelling mistake or the wrong dates try look at the bigger picture here …

        • Xileer

          Putting his neck on the line? Hey – Give me R15,000,000 (Yes – He has multiple projects), and I’ll sue everyone myself!

          Even better, I’ll take your money, laugh at the fact that you fell for such a simple scam, and retire.

          Do you also complain at people who go off at those “Promise to fix your love problems, make the law go away, bigger penis, and fix all your financial issues” people, since “Oh – They’re just trying to help!”… ?

          • Duiwel

            Do you even know what a Trust is boy? Your child-like understanding of adult matters is embarrassing…

        • MP3

          the law is brutal my friend can’t take on a monster like this without at least having your facts correct especially at the starting line… you will never get to “the race” they will just send you off the field… law don’t care about selfless especially business law…

      • dv8ed1

      • Duiwel

        Actually load shedding started in 2007 thus it is 8 years nimrod. The author just made a mistake with the 2008 year but 8 years is correct. If you weren’t still in diapers in 2007 you might have known this and then you wouldn’t have attempted to sound intelligent which you don’t because EVERYONE knows it’s been 8 years


      • deathgrind


  • Johann Botha

    I can not sell back the excess power from solar panels on my roof because eskdom say so. So yea, I am supporting this oak.

  • feeso

    why work soo hard to raise 2million when you can get 5 mil from your government? the government has got the money. all you need is some good persuasion skills.

  • Jo Soap

    Shouldn’t he be suing the ANC government? They were the ones who knew about the looming power crisis in the late 90’s and decided to rather re-distribute the funds to desperately needy friends and family and cousins and removed cousins…

  • AVJ

    I really hope you get the funding. The weird and loud noice my R20,000 solar geaser makes when the power is down and the pump don’t circulate is sickening. Not to talk about our pc’s, gaming devices that just shut down when Eskom change the stages.

  • bengine

    “Our South African constitution permits anyone to use the courts but ultimately funding determines the access”

    In other words – anyone can use the courts as long as you are rich.

    He proposes to use one corrupt process to combat another – when both are controlled by the same people.

    Unfortunately for Mr Coull – in this day and age trust is non-existent. And while he may be a well meaning guy with a genuine plan – it is also possible that he is a plant to engineer a solution for private business concerns intent on getting control of key resources. I have no idea either way and therein lies the problem….

  • Ray Mulder

    I see no possibilty of this ever coming to anything…exept a good chance of conning dreamers out of their money. Rather invest your money in home appliances and methods to rid yourself of having to rely on Eskom.

  • Clicker

    While you’re at it, sue the ANC. Those dickheads deserve to be shut down.

  • Greg Gow

    If you want help message me on Twitter. I have excellent info from inside that will strengthen the approach taken

  • Robert Dixon

    Detail a reasonable strategy and I would love to donate

  • Carlos Luis Garcia

    It’s a great plan, I fully support this plan. I already support a few legal cases relating to common sense and fairness for all… I will gladly give a few thousand rands to break up this energy monopoly. .

  • David

    Support + 1
    Just cannot believe this , Load shedding shoud occur only in emerging country. Or am I wrong ? I always see SA as a developing one.

  • whiskypappa wisekey

    Im in

  • Can they at least get a responsive website designed so that all mobile devices can see te whole website. Its 2015 and people still design websites like in 2000…

  • Brian Stolzenberg

    Surely there is a very large “Workforce” in our prisons, who could be put to use in assisting with large parts of the non technical maintenance of the Eskom Power Plants?? We, the Taxpayers, are footing the bill for their accommodation and meals, and deserve some sort of payback!! The logistics need to be worked out, but this does not seem to be too unreasonable in a time of crisis??

    • Richard Davies

      That’s the kind of thinking they applied on Medupi — we need ‘welders’, uneducated untrained people can do that after a 3 week course…
      Result = 5 years behind schedule and boilers not passing tests…

      Prisons do not make good workers… one persons labour is not the same as another’s… Power plants aren’t holes to be dug, they need highly skilled, experienced labour to be fixed.

  • Dion Alexander Lucas

    Ahem.. Just a thought here… Lets say this person rallies the support, sues Eskom and wins and is then awarded a fat lump sum payable by Eskom.. Where will the already cash strapped Eskom be getting enough money from to keep the grid running do you suppose..?

    • Karl

      You obviously aren’t very good with reading

  • thatsme

    Even [email protected] e-toll wasn’t removed despite real life actions! Who will offend Eskom, when it’s gold chicken of Zuma’s friend?! Forget it and take gun – this is the one way to change all this zumamess.

  • Carol Kritzinger

    There are how many wealthy people in this country that can fund this in one go or even a prominent lawyer where he’d be volunteering his services for a good cause … ? Thank you Coull for your eagerness but try align yourself with the powers to truly be successful. Homework needs to be done meticulously. We need to ALL stand together on this somehow.

  • Genesistt

    All well and good to take Eskom to court. But this dude does realise he has to get past the Government as well, right? And as long as the Government are covering their asses and trying to blame everyone else for our electricity problems *cough apartheid cough* and still keep their voters voting for them, they will throw as much money as it takes to make this law suit to go away before it even sees the inside of a court.

  • Jacqui Williams

    I want to do the same thing but not for the same reason. I would like citizens who have suffered lost and damage both through the destruction of their property and even person. I personally had to fight an electrical fire because of the surges before and after the load shedding. I’ve lost so many appliances and electronic equipment, insurance won’t pay out neither does Eskom or the municipality even when its so darn obvious that their own meter literally burnt and melted from the same surge. I am now even more financially screwed because of the medical bills from the burn wounds I sustained during the fire. In the last few days I have read and heard of 5 house fires starting at the same time electricity is returned. We can not allow this conglomerate to destroy what we work so hard for.

  • the-TRUTH-Today

    YES, let’s take this kak Eskom to court. SABC, the NPA, the Municipal Demarcation Board, Municipalities not delivering, Municipalities that are not complying with PFMA all of them should be sued. Enough with this bullshit…
    Amandla ngawethu, democracy demands that we take our future into our own hands and not surrender our powers to corrupt corruptable politicians, Eishkom Sies…

  • Simon

    Eskom’s response: In 2008 we told the government about the looming crises. They told us to chill out and not do anything. /Court case.

  • TheZenOfZen

    The only way out of this sh*t hole now is to find better and cheaper alternatives to the current ones. Alternatives that will work in our back yards and not controllable by anyone. Solar, wind, diesel generators are expensive to install and / or run. Crowd fund an alternative energy R&D through a credible and competent group of scientists. Idealistic? Maybe, but caveman discovered fire out of an urgent need to stay alive.

  • Duiwel

    What he is proposing is a lawsuit of even greater scale than the Oscar vs State trial.

    That trial nearly bankrupted Oscar Pistorius, his Advocate took over R100 000 a day I believe, regardless on whether the case was postponed or not that day.

    I cannot see R2 000 000.00 going very far.

    If this man is serious what needs to happen is a group of well funded businessmen need to come together and make a joint decision on taking down the government.

    I recommend a big law firm one of the best in the country ( thus have a team of advocates and attorneys ) and they do it on behalf of all of South Africa.

    Instead of using public funds ( which will be miniscule) rather get all the mines and factories across the country to sign up for it.

    Also don’t pay them upfront and say we need X amount No one will believe there won’t be money taken ( higher fees than what was worked for, for example)

    So take it as it goes, say we need around Y fees for that day because X Y Z happened and we did A B C that’s why we need so much.

    This has cost the mines billions and the country even more possibly trillions.

    I am 25 years old and I came up with a more concrete version of his plan. I urge anyone who actually has the time even the guy in this article go and get some high rollers and big players on your team don’t just buy a suit and think you are one of the big dogs now.

    Let the top advocates shred this government to peaces in the court.

    They want to keep Eskom in charge, let the big law dogs show them the error of their ways.

  • Mark

    Appreciate the effort this guy is putting in, but its futile… solution ?…..dont pay taxes.
    That’ll have them by the short and curlies.
    Legally speaking, the govt/SARS would not have a case as the State has failed on all fronts to provide what our taxes are handed over for.

  • Jakes

    Before saying that Eskom is not doing anything, or enough about the problem, mybe you must take a look at this site. Eskom is involved in all of them.

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