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Are these the most stolen cars in South Africa?

Are these the most stolen cars in South Africa?

According to Crime StatsSA, 56,616 vehicles were stolen in South Africa in 2014, taking the total to 810,785 since 2004.

Car Info has published a new article questioning which cars are the most stolen in the country.

The site, which says it offer ‘a whole bunch of objective reviews about Insurance Companies’ notes that car theft means higher insurance premiums for individuals involved personally in the robbery, as well as a general industry premium increase.

It added that if your make of car is at higher risk of being stolen ‘then premiums for that car will naturally be higher’.

CarInfo draws its list of most stolen cars from two sources, one from five years ago, in 2010, and a more recent article that featured on MoneyWeb earlier this year.

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The latter article pointed to a spike in the theft of two Toyota models: Hilux and Fortuner, citing Cross Country Insurance Consultants.

Both the SAPS and the country’s insurers are reluctant to provide information on the vehicles that are stolen in South Africa.

Both Toyota cars feature in the top 15 best selling cars list of South Africa, despite their hefty price tags.

BusinessTech recently queried the police, but was told that it does not provide that information. It has also asked two major insurers who both declined to comment.

With approximately 11 million cars on South Africa’s roads, Datadot, puts the number of stolen vehicles in the country at an estimated 1.6 million.

The Automobile Association (AA) said that the motor vehicle market accounts for the disposal of approximately 50% of stolen and hijacked vehicles.

Other stolen vehicles may be disposed of through exportation to other countries, 30%, and the remaining 20% going to the second-hand parts market.

Older vehicles between seven and 21 years old are at higher risk of theft while vehicles between one and four years are at the highest risk of robbery.

“Mini buses top the ratings for cars that are targeted for theft or robbery, with sedans being the most frequent target for criminals. Entry level and cheaper vehicles were also found to be high risk, as well as vehicles with a high market volume,” the AA has said.

The South African National Taxi Council (Santaco), estimates that there are approximately 250,000 taxis on our roads. And among CarInfo’s list of most stolen vehicles, is the Hiace, a minibus manufactured by Toyota, and widely used by the national taxi industry.

These are reported to be the top most stolen vehicles in South Africa:

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace

Nissan 1400

Nissan 1400

Nissan 1400

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Venture

Toyota Venture

Toyota Venture

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

CarInfro highlights that Gauteng has the highest number of stolen cars reported: 27,470 between April 2013 and March 2014; followed by the Western Cape with 9,511, and KwaZulu Natal with 8723.

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  • Piet pompies

    typo says Toyota Hilux as the title for the Fortuner.

    • Maestro

      And the last Toyota is an incorrect image. It’s the Sprint versions that are the most sought after…

  • Munchkin

    That’s why I drive a Ford, no one will steal it.

    • Maestro

      Ford Figo and Ranger are one of the most notorious for being stolen?

      • Munchkin

        Well my car is 8 years old now, it’s probably worth more stolen now

        • Lappies

          Don’t be surprised, my Gold was a 2012 model. Stolen 30 June 2015.

      • Ben Franklin

        !+! = 2

    • SteveD

      That’s because it leaks so much oil that it can’t ever actually be driven anywhere.

      • Munchkin

        You should see the Opels that park near me, while my parking bay is oil free, the two Opels near me seem to have an oil pissing competition.

        • SteveD

          Oupiels leak so much oil that they can single-handedly consume the monthly oil production of a small Middle-Eastern state.

          Meanwhile, my Toyota Corolla (heh) just converts its oil to a smokescreen.

    • MarvinTheParanoidAndroid

      I bought a ford mondeor many many moons ago. Lovely car – 8 airbags, traction control, full house spec. Easily the best car I’ve ever purchased. It’s on just shy of 300000km now, and it’s had only two repairs needed (waterpump and coil pack).

      Only ever changed oil plugs and filters. Best thing is – no one will ever want to steal it 🙂

      • Munchkin

        My Fiesta is still going strong 8 years later, with only the cambelt and shocks being changed. Don’t under estimate a ford.

    • Lappies

      They stole my Ford Bantam about 9 years ago. Stole my VW Gold the 30th of June this year. Drive a Nissan Micra now.

  • Henri

    A nation of kleptomaniacs who have no respect for the belongings of others who worked for what they have.

  • Rynier G Schoeman

    A lot of people dont realise that the Hilux and Fortuners are being targeted not for the car but for their chasis. They use the chasis of Fortuners specifically to get damaged HiAce roadworthy again or ateast drivable.

    • Not just the Chassis. The 1400 is included in this too. Almost all of the mechanical parts are usable in modern south african taxis.

    • SteveD

      The 2.7 engine from a Hilux/Tuna is a direct fit into the engine bay of a Quantum, likewise the 3.0 D4-D.

    • the-TRUTH

      If fact both Toyota Hilux and Fortuner are also in high demand in many parts of Africa, in particular areas with very hardy terrain. One hopes the Ford Ranger is not going to become the new highjacking target, eish…

  • Adrian

    I wish they could steal all of the corolla drivers rather and make them magically disappear!

    • Justin Case

      You mean to say all Quantum drivers and make our roads safer…

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    If you buy a bakkie the least likely to be stolen will probably be the VW Amarok as you hardly see any of them north of our borders and the parts will also not be in such great demand.

  • John Doe

    Rubbish made in japan

    • CG_Guy

      Japan actually have good quality products.

    • Dnza

      Actually made in Durban

  • Cynic Scepticism

    Thank common sense (or a lack thereof) that I never have, and currently don’t own a Toyota 🙂

  • stevethenerd

    So basically, don’t buy a Toyota.. Got ya

    • SoshHolGrunt

      Pretty much exactly what I was thinking.

    • MasterZu

      You’re on the button…..

  • rouxenator

    Where’s all the VAGs?

  • MP3

    if you’re going to steal a car, make it worth your while like a ferrari or lambo… i mean 1400 nissan bakkie? where’s the bragging rights with that

    • Lappies

      They buy a body that was in a accident and build the stolen bakkies parts over on the accident body and re-register it. This is what I was told by my insurance.

      • MP3

        sounds legit…

  • Wollie Verstege

    I think an expression of the number of cars stolen as a % of total sold would have been better.
    If there are more of a particular model on the road, the changes are that more of them will get stolen.

  • Francois

    Taxi, handy man and boss man. No surprise here on who wants the stolen cars.

  • McTSA

    Citing statistics from 2010 doesn’t make for any credibility. The technology and trends have almost certainly changed in the past 5 years… although the Toyota remains a firm favourite for its parts and to “export” into other parts of Africa.

    In the Car Info article they cited Toyota saying that they have provided a solution (2013?) in newer vehicles, but it hasn’t stopped their Hilux and Fortuner models being stolen. The MO to steal them just gets adapted for the solutions they install.

  • Xonix

    I thought the golf mk1 would be top of this list

    • McTSA

      You could probably now also add the Polo to the list. Both the Golf MK1 and Polo are popular targets.

      I don’t care how cheap (interpreted as value for money) they may be, there is no way I would allow any of my family to drive cars that are attractive. If I can reduce the risk of them being stranded or (worse) being hijacked, I will.

  • McTSA

    The major insurers and SAPS declining to comment is incredibly disappointing. Actually, it’s infuriating. They know very well which cars are favourites for theft or hijacking.

    It’s almost as if they are afraid to upset the motor manufacturers. If so, whose interests are they serving best? Definitely not the consumer.

    I would like to know which insurers were asked to comment. Name them. Why did they decline to comment? Extremely poor!

  • swaziland

    Hi-ace , nissan 1400 , venture.These cars are so damn old cars, most of them are just moving scraps.This research is like coming from a nyaupe or zol addict. Or from someone who is coming out of longterm imprisonment.

  • mtshepana

    I thought they would also mention VW Golf :'(

  • LBS

    Buy a Honda, it’s called “An Old Man’s Car”, but it’s best value money can buy. I lurve my Jazz 🙂

  • A tad content-free. What about some numbers? How do these equate to numbers on the road? 250k taxis on the road = what fraction of all vehicles?

    If you have a car that accounts for 1% of the vehicles on the road and 2% of all theft, it is not actually a low-risk purchase.

  • Tim K

    VW Golf 1 and VW Polo. They are like hotcakes! I owned a Polo that got stolen so speaking from experience here.

  • Dawie

    No golf?
    Someone must have stolen it off the list…

  • Wernher Stoltz

    Basically this article says nothing. Nobody wanted to confirm or deny anything, either the police or insurance industry. There is a general believe that certain vehicles are targeted more for stealing and sure it is true for Fortuners and Hi-Luxes, but don’t you believe any other car is safe. Before you buy a car, get an insurance quote and compare with other cars in its class. You will soon find out which ones are more expensive to insure and the broker might even divulge some details about the reasons. Both the Polo and Fiesta are high theft targets so there goes the theory about Toyota.

  • This article seems to have an agenda against Toyota, VW is as stolen as the Toyota maybe even more than the Toyota.
    The trouble with Toyota is that the engines seem to fit exactly in any Toyota model from any Toyota make.

  • Ron

    So every 1 out of a 1000 people have had their car stolen in 2014, crazy

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